Nutella Pretzel Bars

Pretzels dipped in Nutella is a fantastic thing. I discovered it accidentally when I had a craving for something salty and sweet and I had a half-used jar of Nutella in the pantry. I adore the crunch and salt from the pretzels swirled with a dollop of the creamy spread. I personally would be excited if someone brought pretzels and Nutella to a party of mine, but since that isn’t a “thing” yet, I thought this combination deserved to be turned into a dessert to share with friends.

While ideas of pretzel truffles popped into my brain, I realized it was key to have that crunchy texture and a bar seemed like the right thing to do. The crunchy bits of pretzels on top of these buttery bars are what send it over the top. The outside of the bar is crispy while the center is chewy with a touch of Nutella goodness.

Once we get people hooked on these bars, let’s make bringing pretzels and Nutella to parties a thing, ok?

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  1. I would totally go to any party where nutella and pretzels were served ensemble, perhaps I’ll even bring some to a holiday party I attend, or just make these bars, which I imagine would get fewer odd stares.

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