Olive Oil Banana Nut Bread

Olive Oil Banana Nut Bread Recipe // @nicoledula

Banana bread is one of my favorite comfort foods, yet, I rarely make it! What’s wrong with me?? It reminds me of childhood church picnics where the older ladies sliced the banana bread thin and smeared each slice with (let’s be real) margarine. I could eat that forever.

Eleven years ago now, my sister-in-law suffered a terrible loss. She was still so young at 17 and she needed us. We invited her over to our new apartment and she wanted to bake something together. A quick search of the internet produced an EXTREME banana nut bread recipe and it was obviously screaming to be made. We went to the grocery store and found already ripe bananas available for such a banana bread emergency. Ever since, it’s been our go-to banana bread recipe.

I’ve switched it up a little over the years and use my favorite California Olive Ranch evoo and reduced the sugar, too. The dense little loaves are completely addictive. Swipe some softened butter on top for a treat. It’s been proven to help with empty stomachs and broken hearts.

Olive Oil Banana Nut Bread Recipe // @nicoledula

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