Food Adventure // Organic Wine Dinner at The Metropolitan Cafe

If I can impose upon you one more time, please take a minute to vote for me! I have the unbelievable opportunity to be 1 of 10 finalists to win new living room furniture and a custom design for the space from Making it Lovely! I need lots of votes, though, and I am competing against some seriously cute spaces. As you can see in the photos above, we’ve changed the space, but the couch set needs an update! The most hilarious comment came in as a vote for me and I just had to share. I was cracking up.

“Umm hello, poor Nicole has had that godawful floral couch set for 7 YEARS. No brainer, imo. (and no, I don’t know her or any of the other entrants, but that space is seriously depressing in a way that none of the others are, and that fireplace has such potential!).”

Want to vote for our seriously depressing place? Vote here! Contest ends at noon on June 17.

Now, onto the fancy dinner!

We are extremely lucky to have a restaurant like The Metropolitan Cafe just a mile down the road from us. We’ve become regulars because we cannot get enough of Chef Lexi’s seasonal creations and the wonderful staff. Lexi strongly believes in purchasing local and offering seasonal dishes. We attended their second wine dinner which featured organic wines and food. It was phenomenal. I Foodspotted the dishes while Marc took the photos you see here with our camera.

The sommelier, Michael, talked about each wine as we sipped and it was interesting to hear about how far organic and sustainable wines have come. Sadly, the first organic wines were awful and quickly earned a bad reputation. Many wine producers are not bothering to obtain the organic stamp on their product, even though they are farming responsibly. I’m sure it would be hard to go through the rigorous process of certification when the organic wines still have a stigma that may hurt sales. As organic wines are making a come back, maybe more producers will be less hesitant to obtain organic certification.

First Course

Tuna tartar on fresh bib lettuce and micro wasabi. It was the most elegant lettuce wrap I’ve ever encountered. A beautiful way to start the meal. This course was paired with Ranga Ranga Sauvignon Blanc 2010-Malborough, New Zealand with crisp grapefruit notes.

Second Course

Cold foie gras torchon on savory multigrain french toast with rhubarb compote. My first ever taste of foie gras, people! I was not sure what to expect and was blown away by this creative dish. The fois gras reminded me of European high-fat butter. Creamy and melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. While it was hard to choose a favorite course, I had to give this one props for creativity and overall experience. It was paired with Commanderie de la Bargemone Rose 2010. Crisp, dry and perfect paired with this dish.

Third Course

Hoisin-glazed duck breast over yuzu risotto with shredded duck legs. The duck breast was perfectly cooked with that hint of sweet hoisin. My favorite part, though, was the risotto with the rich dark meat. Incredible flavor. This course was served with Paolo Petrilli Fortuita 2008-Puglia, Italy. This dry sangiovese was wonderful and we ordered a bottle for home.

Fourth Course

Black Pearl and Kurobuta pork on baby potato with pine nut and currant simifretto. This was ultra tender and full of flavor. The pine nuts and currants worked beautifully with the pork. This course was paired with Wild Hog Vineyard Zinfandel 2007-Sonoma Coast. Bold with deep fruit notes and another one of our favorites.

Dessert Course

Warm chocolate cake with chilled crushed  strawberries and chantilly cream. I liked the nice surprise of the partially frozen berries on the warm chocolate cake. The whipped cream was slightly sweetened and perfect. This course was paired with Pierre Boniface Vin De Savoie Brut “Les Rocailles”. This Champagne-style sparkling wine was wonderful with this course. When drinking sparkling wines, I like the nice middle-ground. Not sweet, but not too dry and this was fantastic.

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  1. That foie gras with rhubarb compote sounds so interesting! I have never had it like that though I have to admit I secretly swoon over foie gras. What an amazing meal, good luck getting your furniture! 😉

    • Cilantropist – Thanks, Amanda! I didn’t know what to expect with that particular dish, but it blew me away! Thanks for posting that meatball sub, too 🙂

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