Oven Fries + Miso Mayo

Oven Fries + Miso Mayo Recipe // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

I can hardly believe it’s August already. This summer has been a beautiful one with cooler than average temperatures that I am loving. It makes it much nicer for baking fruit pies and oven fries. Like most people, I love a good french fry. I can usually pass on most fried foods, but fries, oh fries! My favorite kind is the skin-on, golden-brown fries with a good amount of flaky sea salt. I appreciate both the soft fry and the crispy fry so a mix of the two in the same batch is ideal. These oven fries are my jam. They’re no-fuss and completely delicious.

Oven Fries + Miso Mayo Recipe // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

Marc thinks I’m absolutely crazy, but I’ve never been a fry and ketchup kind of girl. I like them plain and salty, unless there’s an amazing sauce to go with them. Recently we had dinner at a restaurant and they served tempura green beans with a delicious miso mayo. We greedily asked for more dipping sauce and when we ran out of tempura green beans, we started dipping Marc’s fries in our new favorite sauce. It was magic. So I’ve recreated that lovely food moment here for you.

Oven Fries + Miso Mayo Recipe // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

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  1. We’ve been having a much hotter and sunnier summer than usual and I’m loving it. Except the part about not using the oven! I love the sound of this mayo! I love miso and think it would pair wonderfully with fries. Can’t wait for a little cool break over here 🙂

    • Part of what I love about Twitter/Instagram/FB is seeing the weather other people are having and it being completely different from what I’m experiencing. Our weather is warming up, so I’ll have to make these fries while I can. I hope you enjoy the mayo! It’s so good with fries!

    • Hi Stephanie! I haven’t used brown miso before, but definitely try it! I’m sure it will still be delicious.

    • It’s that wonderful umami in the miso that just makes the miso mayo taste like a better version of itself!

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