Peach and Blackberry Galette

I had never made a galette, but wanted to for a long, long time. I received Martha Stewart’s Cooking School two years ago for Christmas and flipped through the recipes and techniques, reading every word. This galette caught my eye and I put a little orange post-it on the page for later.

Martha’s galette was filled with ripe plums and as soon as they’re in season, I’m all over that one. Jump ahead to June 2010 and me picking up some sweet blackberries from Trader Joe’s and peaches were on sale. Peach and blackberry have been a winning combo for me since I made a trifle with both because it was what I had on hand. This was several years back when I was first exploring desserts and it’s had a soft spot in my heart ever since. Once the fruit hit my shopping cart, I knew I had to make something with them. Then I remembered Martha’s beautiful galette.

That Saturday I made my first galette and it was a big success. Minus my mini panic-attack when the juices seeped out of the edge and bubbled and blackened in the corner of my rimmed baking sheet. However luck was on my side and the burnt sugar came off quite easily with some hot, hot water. If this happens to you, be careful when scrubbing the sugar. I got a small cut on my finger from the shards of hardened sugar. My brain knows not to touch sharp things, but the other side of my brain was like, “It’s just sugar!”

I highly recommend this easy recipe that comes together quickly with impressive results. Marc was outside mowing the lawn and came back inside right when the galette came out of the oven and he looked at it and said, “That looks fancy.” So there you have it. Make this easy free-form pie and impress your friends.

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    • Naomi-I’m surprised at how well it came together with minimal effort. I bet when you make yours it will be even more beautiful!

      Laetitia-What a lovely compliment!

  1. This is beautiful! I just bought some blackberries at the farmer’s market today and have some peaches that need to be used. Perfect recipe! The only problem would be that I would end up eating it all. 🙂

  2. I just made a peach galette this weekend for the first time too. I think I’m going to be making a ton of galettes this summer. I love how fuss-free they are to make (compared to a tart) plus they aren’t too heavy.

    I love your combination of blackberries with peaches. And I also like how you kept the skin on your peaches. Very pretty.

    • Val – Galettes are my new favorite thing! I made another recently with some fresh strawberries and blackberries. I dare say it was more delicious than the first 🙂

    • Mangocheeks – Thank you for the lovely compliment! It’s a very photogenic dessert.

      Daphne – Yes, the only fault of the galette is knowing when to stop eating it 🙂

  3. It’s dreadfully hot right now, so the thought of turning on my oven is just a terrible one, but it hasn’t stopped my desire for baked goods…unfortunately. This galette is absolutely beautiful. I love the topping of the blackberries!

  4. I made this tonight for friends. Yum, what a great recipe. I skinned my peaches and only cooked for 50 mins. I was a little worried about the black berries when I took them out because they looked overcooked, but they were great. Thanks for posting this!

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