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Peach Blueberry Muffins Recipe // Dula Notes

How was your 4th of July or Canada Day celebrations? Man, I had the best week. My brother and sister-in-law stayed over for a few days and there were bike rides, pool parties, baseball games, fireworks and lots of excellent summer food. I’ll tell you more about it later with snapshots and a recipe, soon.

In other exciting news, the Dula house is getting air conditioning today. Two friendly chaps arrived first thing this morning and went right to work. I’ll come home from work to a whole new situation. I’m a little sad, though. I liked thinking of us as pioneers, toughing it out for a few weeks out of the year. However, I’m sure the AC and I will be fast friends in no time.

Before the holiday, I went on a  major grocery shopping trip because the refrigerator was empty from busy days. I had a few ideas as I roamed around the grocery store, but I always leave room for picking up produce that just looks good. I fell for a bag of ripe, fragrant peaches and our Whole Foods had blueberries from my hometown that I just couldn’t pass up. While I was unpacking the groceries, I decided a batch of peach blueberry muffins would be nice to have around.

I adapted a King Arthur Flour recipe with oh so many changes based on what I had in the pantry and what sounded good to me. I was looking for lightly sweetened and hearty muffins that I could put out in the morning for our guests. We happily munched on them for a few days and they served their purpose deliciously.

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  1. these look so good and summer-y! Hurray for AC…though, for me, this 2nd Michigan summer is not nearly as hot/humid/mosquito-infested as the first. Thank goodness!

    • Cindy – You’re right, last summer was pretty brutal. I’m looking forward to being able to turn on the oven a few times this summer. More summer muffins, yay!

  2. Glad you had a great holiday and congrats on the AC! Makes all the difference! Blueberries and peaches are my two favorite fruits this time of year- these look great 🙂

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