Peppermint Bark Drizzled Popcorn

As Christmas approaches, I’m getting anxious and excited to see my family and friends. The texts, e-mails and Facebook messages to and from is starting. We’re arranging happy reunions to fit into everyone’s schedule while we’re all in the same city. It’s chaos, but the best kind.  Some meetups will inevitably take place where we can grab a drink, but some will be in a home, with potluck possibilities. This popcorn is just the treat for such a gathering. It is incredibly fun to make and I can see this being a great project for a group when it’s time to drizzle the warm chocolate or sprinkle the peppermint candy and sea salt.

Serve in the baking sheet and invite your loved ones to break off a piece (someone will sing the Kit Kat commerical, I’m sure) or break it up yourself and arrive with a bowl filled to the brim with chocolate drizzled fluffy popcorn. If your holidays will be a low-key affair for a few, this snack is great while watching your favorite seasonal movie, too.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, friends!

Peppermint Bark Drizzled Popcorn Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. I did/did not need to read this! I’m in the middle of making granola and a heap of other holiday gifts and I think I might have to squeeze a batch of your popcorn in! Happy Holidays to you…

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