Pickled Giardiniera

Pickled Giardiniera Recipe // @nicoledula

I used to tell Marc that buying me a smart phone would be a waste of money. How many cry-laughing emoji can we insert here? Then I distinctly remember going to an Italian market and seeing a giant jar of Nutella and thinking to myself, I would totally take a picture of this comically large jar of Nutella. Fast forward to the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 and us waiting in line for 2-3 hours. Not because we had to have it immediately, but because we wanted to people watch and experience the line. The sun came up while the line of people curved and outlined the store’s dumpsters in the back. We laughed about how unglamorous it was. If we happened to get ours that day, well great, but we were turned away. They emailed us that the phones were ready a few days later and we made an evening of it. We picked up our shiny new phones and went to one of the chain restaurants at the outdoor mall. To celebrate, we ordered totchos or tot nachos. Celebration food!

Pickled Giardiniera Recipe // @nicoledula

What does this all have to do with giardiniera? Well, those loaded totchos had queso, green onions, bacon and giardiniera. It was my first phone food pic ever and my first time eating totchos. We loved the pickled giardiniera on top of the rich bacon and queso. I guess it has taken me 5 years to make this giardiniera, but there’s no stopping me now. It’s great on sandwiches, burgers and of course, totchos.

Last week I baked up some tots and some leftover slow-cooker pork shoulder until crispy. I topped the tots with shredded cheddar, crispy pork, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro, hot sauce and a bunch of giardiniera. Marc and I couldn’t stop eating it. Everyone needs some ultimate totchos in their life, right?

And when you’re done with the pickled vegetables, use the vinaigrette in the jar as a dressing! You get little bits of pickled cauliflower crumbs in your salad and it’s wonderful.

Pickled Giardiniera Recipe // @nicoledula

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