Pineapple Mint Tequila Punch

Pineapple Mint Tequila Punch Recipe // Dula Notes

Cold beverages are incredibly alluring to me in the summer. I enjoy watching the beads of condensation form on the glass and feeling the ice-cold sip travel past my throat. I don’t often make batches of summer drinks, but wanted to for our 4th of July barbecue. My buddy, Meg, said her only request for the day was to relax and have an adult beverage in her hand. I happily obliged.

I saw Tracy’s version of this punch and I changed it a bit to accommodate an abundance of tequila I had on hand. This is a great use for raw sugar simple syrup, but regular sugar works, too. I tasted the drink before adding any sweetener, because I could not fathom pineapple juice not being sweet. I was quickly proven wrong and added the sweetener to taste from there.

Poured over ice, it is just what your summer needs. Happy weekend!

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