Quick Pickled Radishes

Quick Pickled Radishes Recipe // Dula Notes

Marc and I had a rare day off together and we took a trip to Ikea. We left with nothing, but going to Ikea meant we were close to Ann Arbor and a delicious lunch was in our grasp. My friend, Lori, shared with me that she and her husband always eat in Ann Arbor after Ikea and it’s a pretty grand idea. If you don’t know of it, Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and it’s a charming college city with lots of dining options from casual to fancy. It’s also where you can visit Zingerman’s Roadhousecreamery and bakeshop or deli, which I still have to get to!

Lori recommended we try the Ann Arbor location of Jolly Pumpkin, a restaurant we loved while vacationing in Traverse City. We were very hungry after Ikea and couldn’t resist ordering a cheese plate to start. On the board were these light pink pickled somethings and we had no idea what they were. We took a bite and loved them, but still didn’t know what we were eating. The guy that had seated us, walked by, turned his head and asked if the items on our board were explained to us and we shook our heads no. He kindly stopped and pointed out everything on our board and the pretty pink pickled somethings were pickled radishes. I knew I had to make them.

Quick Pickled Radishes Recipe // Dula Notes

I really wanted to ask for a recipe because they were perfect, but I’ve pickled before and was hopeful I could make something similar to share with you. These honey-sweetened pretty pickled radishes are my latest favorite thing. You must know by now the depth of my love for food that is naturally a pretty pink color. These beauties might just be the prettiest thing yet. I kept a bit of the stem on the radishes because they look sweet and radish-y that way. These pickled radishes inspired me to make a fancy cheese board, the kind I make for entertaining, but this time just for us. I’ll share my tips for how I like to set one up, soon. Until then, let’s make easy pickled radishes all spring and summer long.

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    • Thanks, Cindy! I’m pretty sure pink food is the best food 🙂 I just popped over to Hungry Girl and I kind of gasped at how pretty those pops are!

  1. Ooh, there’s nothing more I love than a fun new thing to try on a cheese plate! This is why mine are so out of control–I always want all the cheese, fruit, jams, nuts… Ain’t a cheeseboard big enough for my dreams. I need these radishes, and I need a cheese TABLE.

  2. Oh. My.

    I was looking for an asparagus recipe and stumbled onto yours with spring onion and polenta…….but these….I must have these in my life. Immediately.

    Addling your lovely blog to mah list! 🙂

  3. These look amazing! Any idea how long they will last in the fridge (not that they won’t be devoured immediately)?

    • Hi Lauren! I’ll make a note in the recipe, but I think 30 days for refrigerated pickles is a good rule of thumb. Thanks!

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