Radicchio and Spinach Orzo

Radicchio and Spinach Orzo Recipe // Dula Notes

As a lover of food, I really enjoy investigating it. Eating out from time to time provides lots of inspiration when I’m back in my own kitchen. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to lunch with Cindy and Megan and we shared the prettiest charcuterie plate. I was really digging the olive tapenade that came on the side and was really intrigued by its contents. I’m not quite sure we figured it out because something looked pink and pickled in there, but we had fun trying.

At a birthday dinner recently, I ordered salmon and it came with this orzo on the side. I tasted it, loved it and then went to work. I pushed the ingredients around to identify them all. The pops of purple and green from the radicchio and spinach popped out immediately. Oil-plumped and tangy sun-dried tomatoes were easy to pick out, too. I tasted fresh garlic and spied sliced garlic among the orzo. The vibrant vegetables and orzo were glossy from a good dose of olive oil and maybe a splash or two of seasoned pasta water.

I think you’ll love this. Place a pretty scoop next to simply prepared fish or have a bowl for lunch. This dish will also fit right in on your Easter table.

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  1. I LOVE the investigating that happens when I eat out at restaurants! I’m always trying to figure out the ingredients, the technique and the combination of seasonings. This looks like a really great side to salmon, or just a veggie lunch!

    • Kasey – Yay! A fellow investigator 🙂

      Jess – I’m glad this sounds like a winner to you! When I saw radicchio, I instantly thought of you 🙂

  2. Sun dried tomatoes are such a great flavor to cook with this time of year when there are no fresh tomatoes. Pair them with spinach, bitter radicchio, and pasta- I’m sold!

  3. I’m glad we could share in investigating that tapenade…even if we didn’t figure it out!
    I have recently come to appreciate orzo, this look so good!

  4. Ooh, Nicole, this orzo dish looks so great! I’ve been craving Mediterranean flavors lately and this salad would totally satisfy. Your Easter dinner looks like a grand success, too!

    • Kathryne – Thank you! To keep with the Mediterranean feel, you could add a little feta, too 😉 Easter dinner was so nice. I hope you had a nice Easter, too!

    • The radicchio is pretty sturdy, making 24 hours in advance is no biggie. I’d let it sit out an hour or so before serving, though, to let the oil come up to room temp.

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