Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge

I remember when my mom started buying instant oatmeal packs. Her favorite flavor was peaches and cream. My brother and I would sometimes get them as a special treat and I think I loved them because they reminded me of my mom. She was going through her peach phase at the time. I still remember her light peach sweater. The sleeves billowed a little and curved in at the forearm like a 3/4 sleeve blouse. It is immortalized in a family photo where my dad has a dark mustache and I am wearing a purple vest and pigtails. One time I talked her into letting me wear that peach sweater to school. I’m sure I looked ridiculous. Peach was her favorite flavor for everything, too. Yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, you name it.

This recipe does not contain peaches, even though I’m sure it would be delicious in the summer time. That story is just what I think of when I think of oatmeal. As an adult, I just never eat oatmeal. I see great looking recipes for oatmeal all over, but I just can’t be inspired to make it. This porridge is a different story.

Now the word porridge makes me think of a cold orphanage in disrepair with mean, plump adults forcing starved orphans to eat porridge or gruel for every meal. The voices of the adults boom and echo around the stone walls. You know, Charles Dickens style. Still, this porridge had me purchasing buckwheat groats from the bulk bins the next day. I was fascinated by this combination of raw ingredients blended until smooth and served for breakfast.

Whether you love oatmeal or not, this porridge makes for a quality breakfast. It’s hearty, creamy and nutty, yet naturally vegan, gluten-free and diary free. On close inspection you can see vanilla bean flecks and bits of red and pink from the apple’s skin. I love that part. I can’t wait to change the recipe up with summer berries and enjoy it on a hot summer day.

Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. Well…I picked the right year to become gluten & dairy free! Looking forward to trying this one!! Quick question: where did you find the whole buckwheat groats?

    • Definitely give it a try, Shoko! It’s somehow more fresh tasting than typical oatmeal with the fruit and I love the texture.

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