Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Raw Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe // Dula Notes

It is incredible what a day off can do for you. My sister-in-law and I took Monday off and spent all day at a fancy mall. We treated ourselves to the sale sections at Crate & Barrel, Madewell and Anthropologie. I found 3 super discounted sets of my flatware at C & B! At Madewell, a stylish chap named Jeremiah took my armful of sale rack clothing and styled them into cute outfits in the dressing room. I asked if he was ready for me and he asked if I was ready for him! He added some bright jewelry and made everything look pretty in the dressing room. Bethany tried on neon red-pink d’Orsay pumps that we both fell in love with. We ended our day with a happy hour cocktail and appetizers before she drove home to the west side of Michigan. If you could use a reset, I highly recommend a Monday off with a good friend.

This vegan pudding could be the food reset you’re looking for. Ripe avocados provide the rich buttery texture while cacao, espresso powder and agave nectar add sweetness and a rich chocolate flavor. Blend it up in a blender or food processor and you have the quickest chocolate dessert. Well, other than placing squares of dark chocolate directly in your mouth. This pudding also has the bonus of being filling and satisfying because of the healthy fats from the avocado. I gave some to Marc and he ate every last bit despite not being a fan of avocados.

Give it a try, amigos. If you love a secret ingredient as much as I do, you have lots of fun times fooling people ahead.

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  1. That looks like a lot of pudding to eat the same day! Did Marc help eat it? Glad
    you had a good day off with Bonnie. my raw foodie comrade!!

    • This is a great recipe for avocado lovers! I’m not vegan, either, but the I’m really digging whole-foods based vegan recipes lately!

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