Seasonal Snapshots // Fall 2012

The trees are mostly bare and the weather has cooled. I dug out my favorite knit hat and scarf this week and they have come in handy this week. Despite a strange 70 degree day last Sunday, Michigan is now deep into fall and creeping closer to winter. I’m still not used to watching the sun set on my way home from work.

Today I’m sharing my favorite phone pictures of fall. Here are past seasonal snapshots to enjoy, if you like.

Tracy’s Cashew and Mint Slaw, but with roasted peanuts. Love.

My first pavlova was tasty, but it could have been taller.

Fall is a good time of year for sunsets.

We were the only ones brunching outside. Chilly, but so worth it.

Type A vacation planning.

I want to live at Pisticia Vera in Columbus, Ohio.

A fun double-date in Columbus.

Cloud obsession.

Jeni’s Ice Cream with friends during our Nashville Trip.

Our table was a little unstable and we definitely spilled water on the floor. Sorry, Taste of Belgium!

Cider and donuts forever.

Mac and cheese with a crispy top.

A moment from one of my fall walks.

Produce from the last weekend at the farmers market.

The Mac Shack wins for cutest food truck.

Spoiled on my birthday.

A cupcake shop is dangerously close to my hair salon. It’s also right next to a gym…

Impromptu egg sandwich.

This new shop removed the drywall to reveal old painted advertisements.

The perfect tile outside of that same store.

I love when the fall leaves swirl in the wind and collect in corners.

Broccoli cheddar baked potatoes  are so good.

I can’t stop making these homemade granola squares.

Went wedding dress shopping for my friend, Meg!

Changed up my coffee table pretties for fall.

The mini-est bag of Haribo gummies.

I had a waffles for dinner emergency.

I made some crazy good cinnamon rolls. Recipe next week!

Prettiest fall day.


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