Seasonal Snapshots // Spring 2012

Spring is easy to love, isn’t it? Everything is so darn green right now and the sunrises and sunsets put a big goofy grin on my face. I sometimes get lost staring at the puffy and majestic clouds. Not to mention all of the beautiful and delicious spring produce, sigh.

Here’s a peek at my spring through iPhone photos. Enjoy!

Check out past seasons, if you like!  Here’s last winter, fall and summer.

Date night.

Simply amazing wild rice salad with blue foot shrimp on date night.

A beautiful morning for a nail appointment.

I am so into neon pink and yellow right now.

Bubbly tuna melts for dinner.

I just adore Marc’s new tie and pocket square.

Purple chive blossoms make me smile.

Blunderbuss on vinyl is where it’s at.

Sunday morning breakfast with Ira Glass.

My miracle manicure after two weeks of sanding and painting. It isn’t shellac!

Sometimes I make dough in the morning and then babysit it at work.

My favorite Michigan beer branding.

Basically the last two weeks of my life.

Poppyseed strudel I made for my Mom.

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    • Kimberley – It was regular polish! The only thing I can think of is that I did far fewer dishes these past two weeks because we were busy porch building. I guess washing dishes just ruins everything 🙂

  1. What a lovely spring (I too am dumbstruck by those fluffy clouds). And bright pink spray paint is such a great idea! What did you paint?

    • Elizabeth – Thank you! I used it to jazz up a plain black frame, but I’m really digging those neutral flower pots with the neon dipped look.

  2. Spring is simply wonderful! Did you see Tim from Lottie + Doof posted a recipe for vinegar made with chive blossoms? You should totally try that and let me know how it goes bc I have no idea where to find chive blossoms! Love Marc’s tie and pocket square – snazzy! xo

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