Seasonal Snapshots // Spring 2014

Every time I put together a seasonal post of photos, I fear I’ll lack enough photos to share and each time I am surprised by all of the goodness from that season. Spring started with a chilly, but delicious trip to Chicago and is now dazzling me with sunshine-filled mornings. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to celebrate the best of spring and then get ready for summer cocktails and barbecues.

Seasonal Snapshots - Chicago Donuts // Dula Notes

Chicago, your donuts were incredible.

Seasonal Snapshots - Brunch at Avec // Dula Notes

And so was your Bloody Mary with beer chaser from Avec. Brunch magic.

Seasonal Snapshots - Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder // Dula Notes

And Chicago inspired me to make this pretty milk-braised pork shoulder at home.

Seasonal Snapshots - Le Petit Zinc in Detroit, Michigan // Dula Notes

Meg and I had the best girl’s day in Detroit.

Seasonal Snapshots - Le Petit Zinc in Detroit, Michigan // Dula Notes

And this was my beautiful salade Nicoise from Le Petit Zinc.

Seasonal Snapshots - Detroit, Michigan // Dula Notes

A view of Detroit on a sunny day.

Seasonal Snapshots - Almond Milk Bubble Tea // Dula Notes

Remember this almond milk bubble tea? So good.

Seasonal Snapshots - John Mayer on vinyl // Dula Notes

I love listening to this John Mayer album on vinyl.

Seasonal Snapshots - Sour Cherry Licorice // Dula Notes

These sour cherry licorice twists, you guys.

Seasonal Snapshots - Collard Greens // Dula Notes

Soaking collard greens for vegan taco collard wraps.

Seasonal Snapshots - Spring Pizza Toppings // Dula Notes

Pretty spring pizza toppings.

Seasonal Snapshots - Strawberry Basil Gin and Tonic // Dula Notes

I made Adrianna’s strawberry basil gin and tonicย and was not disappointed.

Seasonal Snapshots - Empty Theater // Dula Notes

We had the whole theater to ourselves while watching The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Seasonal Snapshots - Deviled Eggs // Dula Notes

I fancy-piped the filling for mom’s deviled eggs this Easter.

Seasonal Snapshots - Rhubarb // Dula Notes

Rhubarb is one of the best parts about spring.

Seasonal Snapshots - Rhubarb Quick Bread // Dula Notes

Rhubarb quick bread is going to be my new spring ritual.

Seasonal Snapshots - Radishes // Dula Notes

Radishes are just plain pretty.

Seasonal Snapshots - Pickled Radishes // Dula Notes

And if you pickle them, they just get prettier.

Seasonal Snapshots - Sliders // Dula Notes

Sliders at a quaint restaurant in the charming city of Franklin, Michigan.

Seasonal Snapshots - Vogue, Michelle Williams // Dula Notes

Some mystery person gifted me a subscription to Vogue and these Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton ads just blow me away.

Seasonal Snapshots - tulips // Dula Notes

Tulips popping up.

Seasonal Snapshots - polka dot loafers  // Dula Notes

This spring gave us lots of rain, but now we reap the benefits with bright green grass and trees.

Seasonal Snapshots - North Peak Sinous Ale   // Dula Notes

I definitely bought this beer because of the cute Loch Ness logo.

Seasonal Snapshots - Pancakes  // Dula Notes

Marc went to a baseball game and I naturally chose breakfast for dinner.

Seasonal Snapshots - Flowers  // Dula Notes

Our farmers market did not have fresh cut flowers, but Whole Foods had these beauties.

Seasonal Snapshots - Grilled Copper River Salmon  // Dula Notes

Copper River Salmon and asparagus just off the grill.

Seasonal Snapshots - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  // Dula Notes

I’ve been working on a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe for you.

Seasonal Snapshots - Ramps  // Dula Notes

You may have noticed that I just couldn’t get enough ramps this spring.

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  1. I picked up some Copper River salmon because you mentioned and I just found it to be perfect.

    Also. Brunch Magic is my favorite magic. xo

    • Oh, yay! Copper River Salmon is really the best salmon! Brunch magic is my favorite, too ๐Ÿ™‚

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