Seasonal Snapshots // Spring 2015

Selden Standard Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

It’s that time again. Another season has come, was awesome and is leaving, but I took photos of the good stuff to share with you. I hope your spring was a good one! Here’s to summer!

Vanilla Ice Cream with evoo + sea salt // @nicoledula

That time I finally put extra virgin olive oil and sea salt on vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmm.

Amazon Order // @nicoledula

A particularly good Amazon delivery.

beet salad with whipped goat cheese and maple walnuts // @nicoledula

This beet salad with whipped goat cheese was the prettiest pink mess.

Turntable Kitchen's Date Shake Recipe  // @nicoledula

This date shake recipe from Turntable Kitchen was so good!

Tagalong Donut // @nicoledula

My consumption of donuts was up this spring and this tagalong version was pretty incredible.

Jeni's Ice Cream // @nicoledula

Remember that time my Whole Foods just started carrying Jeni’s and I bought some and the recall came out the same day?

Easter cronut with vanilla bean filling // @nicoledula

Easter cronut with vanilla bean filling!

Old family photos // @nicoledula

We looked through old pics of my mom for her birthday party invite. These 2 were my favorite.

Vegan + raw strawberry crumble recipe // @nicoledula

I NEED to make this raw strawberry crumble again.

sweet + savory pierogi recipe // @nicoledula

Megan and I had so much fun making pierogi!

colorful sushi // @nicoledula

Sushi tastes better when arranged on a wooden boat, no?

Mint Julep // @nicoledula

Extreme mint julep close up.

Floral Crown Workshop with Made Floral // @nicoledula

This floral crown workshop was so much fun!

Breakfast at Rose's Fine Food in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

Our Day Off in Detroit was a really good day.

french press cold brew with vanilla bean coconut creamer recipe // @nicoledula

This french press cold brew with vanilla bean coconut creamer makes weekends even better.

bon bon bon chocolate in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

That time I had chocolate for dinner and then left with the prettiest chocolate parting gift.

ramps // @nicoledula

I turned these pretty ramps into ramp spaghetti carbonara with poached eggs.

Lipuma's hot dogs // @nicoledula

The first hot dog I’ve eaten voluntarily. And it wasn’t bad!

Petit Pippin Soft Toy // @nicoledula

Petit Pippin has the sweetest little soft toys.

spring day walk // @nicoledula

Love those little white petals.

Beer at Griffin Claw // @nicoledula

We had a nice little lunch on a rainy day at Griffin Claw.

Breakfast at Proof on Main in Louisville, KY // @nicoledula

Breakfast is hardly ever this grand, so I cherish it on vacation. And oh, those grits!

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