Seasonal Snapshots // Summer 2012

This may be the best summer ever. I can’t put my finger on specifically why, but I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Part of the reason I love doing these seasonal posts, is that I  get to revisit each season as I look through photos and a smile or quick chuckle is always part of the process.

Here’s a peak at summer through my phone. Check out springwinterfall and last summer, if you like.

Ladderball for all.

This purse was the MVP of this summer.

I made Joy the Baker’s Banana Coconut Cream Pie for my Dad’s birthday. He was very pleased.

Colorful shopping.

My Thai basil grew like a champ!

Sometimes a girl just needs to eat oysters.

Strawberry picking with my buddy, Meg.

 An unforgettable burger at Vinsetta Garage.

Our weekend trip to Grand Rapids was definitely a summer highlight.

Buttermilk Ice Cream with Roasted Strawberries! New favorite!

A bachelorette party brunch complete with cinnamon rolls.

 This licorice!

A bahn mi party happened.

Fireworks after a baseball game.

This new barbecue place continues to blow us away.

A favorite breakfast of yogurt, maple syrup, blueberries and pecans.

Feather bowling at the Cadieux Cafe was so fun. See the feather at the bottom of the picture?

I made Tart Frozen Yogurt all summer long.

Cocktails on the patio in Douglas, Michigan.


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