Seasonal Snapshots // Winter 2012/2013

Sometimes winter can be a hard season to love. The snow is pretty, but as soon as it warms up, gray slush begins to accumulate. The warming and cooling of our roads creates scary potholes. Every few days I have to scrub street salt off of my shoes.  If you were in the path of the northeast blizzard, I hope you’re cozy and safe. Eastern Michigan received about 6 inches of snow overnight and west Michigan received even more.

This morning I pulled on my wool socks and  LL. Bean boots, cuffed my jeans and took it slow on the roads. I shoveled a path to our small office before my co-workers arrived and took a deep breath (it’s 30 degrees F, so this was possible). I could have sworn it was the same kind of satisfying breath I get when I’m near the lake in the summer time. After gathering these photos, I know there’s much to celebrate about winter, too. Happy weekend!

Check out fall, summer and spring from 2012 if you missed them.

A little olive oil and sea salt takes baked potatoes to the next level.

The Detroit Public Library is something to see.

A great free concert from The Wiyos. The bass player makes his own sauerkraut!

 I made Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub as little gifts for some of my favorite ladies.

These Spiced Stout Waffles are the best thing ever and were a finalist on Food 52!

Lots of pretty skies this winter.

New lunch spot in an old church building.

I have eaten many pears this winter.

Tea kettle wall at a coffee/tea shop.

New restaurant near my hometown has album cover menus and mine was the best!

I have enjoyed many snowy walks.

I can’t stop making this recipe for Shrimp and Grits.

Midtown Detroit on a Saturday afternoon.

So pleased my first roast chicken was a winner.

I’m drinking lots of smoothies in 2013. Recipes coming soon!

Listening to Beach House’s Bloom on vinyl.

An old-fashioned and chicken wing date night.

Chocolate drizzle spoons in love.

Marc’s grandparents celebrated their 60th (!!) anniversary.

Lots of fluffy, pretty snow lately.

These Bacon Meatballs Subs were just what we needed.

So proud of my first batch of veggie burgers!

Lady brunch with Cindy and Megan!

THIS was the bloody Mary bar for that brunch.



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