Spiced Maple Stout Quick Bread

Spiced Maple Stout Quick Bread Recipe // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

I’m pretty sure all you need to know is that I sent one of these loaves to work with Marc and it was gone in a flash. Marc deserves a chunk of the credit, though, because he shared his “technique” for putting out my baked goods at work and getting people to partake. First of all, he tells me Mondays and Friday are good days to share because the company doesn’t offer any snacks on those days. He also sets out plates and napkins and attaches a sticky note to tell everyone what the treat is. This time he even included the local chocolate stout I used in the bread. He’s cute.

Maybe Marc is better at selling this bread than I am, but the addition of the chocolate stout gives this bread deep and nutty flavor that pairs well with the maple syrup. I added a bit of cinnamon, too, which basically makes this a quick bread version of my favorite spiced stout waffles.

Today also marks SIX years of Dula Notes! Whoa. Like, whoa whoa whoa. I really want to thank you for stopping by and reading and making stuff with me. I appreciate every time you visit this little blog, every comment and every emoji on Instagram. You really are the best!

Spiced Maple Stout Quick Bread Recipe // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

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    • Thanks so much, Steph! I can’t believe it’s been six years, whoa. There are so many good chocolate stouts out there that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to bake with them 🙂

  1. Congratulations on six years! I love reading local blogs and Dula Notes is one of my favorites. Please keep the great recipes and Detroit adventures coming!

  2. This one looks like a real winner, I love the yogurt, stout, and everything! Congratulations on 6 years, that’s a huge accomplishment! Keep all the beautiful recipes coming!

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