Spicy Curry Cauliflower Soup

Of all the delicious courses I experienced at The Root last month, the sleeper hit of the night turned out to be a spicy curry cauliflower soup. I chose it, thinking soup on that chilly day was appropriate. I didn’t bring a jacket, opting to brave the elements in my thin (but cute) blazer. The soup was warming in both temperature and spice, which had me dunking my soup spoon back in the bowl, even after I realized the portion was too generous. I wanted to savor each spoonful and discern each bold spice. I eventually passed the rest to Marc and he happily enjoyed the rest.

Spicy Curry Cauliflower Soup Recipe // Dula Notes

I really wanted to make that same bold soup at home and I love the results of my experiment. It’s a beautiful vegan meal for a chilly weeknight or just picture it in beautiful bowls on a Thanksgiving table. It’s made from a few simple ingredients and warming spices. With the help of carrot and a little tumeric, this soup is the perfect color for fall, too. In fact, I think I own a sweater in that same lovely shade.

Make a big pot of this soup on a gray day and see if the day improves. It’s the food equivalent of wrapping yourself in a fuzzy blanket.

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