Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Pie with Chevron Crust

Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Pie with Chevron Crust Recipe // Dula Notes

This pie was a little miracle that happened while we were visiting the west side of Michigan recently. My sister-in-law and I made plans to walk to the farmers market and do a little browsing and buying without anything particular in mind. The Holland farmers market has a great selection of produce and flowers, so it doesn’t even make sense to have much of a plan. The peonies were clearly the star of the market and Bethany chose a bouquet of deep fuchsia peonies to take home.

Peonies at the Holland Farmers Market // Dula Notes

Aren’t these succulents great? They were planted in cement containers and I just wanted to take one home and try not to kill it. The one downside to walking to the market is that you can only buy what you can carry. Maybe next time.

Succulents at the Holland Farmers Market // Dula Notes

As we wandered the market, the strawberries were so fragrant that we just had to buy some. We also saw the prettiest ruby-hued rhubarb, which I have trouble finding in my area. Something strawberry rhubarb was decided on quickly and then we were talking pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Pie with Chevron Crust Recipe // Dula Notes

Without my food processor and pastry blender, I was left with the two knives option of cutting the butter into the flour for the crust. It worked! It took longer than with my food processor, but clean up was much easier and you get a little wrist workout. Bethany wanted a unique crust and decided we should do a chevron top. I made a little guide with a piece of aluminum foil to keep my chevron pattern consistent and it turned out pretty cute!

Your typical strawberry pie can be a bit watery without a thickener, but the rhubarb helps this pie set up nicely. I’m not a big fan of gelatin in my fruit pies, so this pie turned out perfect. Just seasonal fruit doing its thing. I added fragrant vanilla bean to the filling and it’s optional, but I highly recommend it. When filling the pie, I transferred the fruit with a slotted spoon as not to transfer too much liquid into the pie. The resulting hot pink fruit juice with vanilla bean flecks left in the bowl was too good to waste. Bethany and I added it to our drinks that we sipped while the pie baked. SO good.

Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Pie with Chevron Crust Recipe // Dula Notes

If you get excited about the tastes of summer like me, I’m sure you’ll love a slice of summer in the form of strawberry rhubarb pie with cute crust. Summer forever.

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  1. Nicole, that crust looks so cool! I’ve never seen chevron pie before. I’m a sucker for everything strawberry rhubarb so I’m totally drooling over here.

    • I’m glad my sister-in-law suggested the chevron! You get to see lots of pretty fruit filling between the chevron, too, which I love.

  2. I echo everyone else, the chevron crust has my heart! And that strawberry-rhubarb filling, too — what a perfect summer pie, Nicole.

    • Thanks so much, Cynthia! I love cute pie crusts and I’m glad this one turned out so well and has your heart 🙂

  3. Team chevron! You are so talented, lady. I just got a chevron print quilt for my bed, but never would have dreamed up putting it on a pie.

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