Seasonal Snapshots // Summer 2011 is…

Tracy from Shutterbean shared her phenomenal summer pictures and asked others to do the same. It was a blast looking through my camera pictures from the last few months. I may have just realized I’m having a great summer.

A baseball game on a Monday night.

Vintage ice cube trays from Etsy.

Sitting on the porch.

Sangria al fresco.

Finding a favorite summer nail color.

Going to the beach for a wedding.

Moscow Mules in a mug.

Splurging on a fancy wine dinner.

Blueberry and rhubarb crumble.

Finding the perfect tart frozen yogurt recipe.

Cucumber cocktails in my home town.

A box of fireworks.

Aloe after too much time at the beach.

Making rum raisin to bring us back to our honeymoon.

Galette with sweet cherries.

Crispy kale pizza.

New couches from Ikea.

Spending the day at the museum.

Admiring Henry Ford’s taste in flooring.

Buying wedding gifts from Crate & Barrel.

Great restaurant with friends.

BJLT (Bacon Jam Lettuce and Tomato)

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    • Kimberley – Thank you! Marc likes those perfect chunky ice cubes for cocktails and I saw the trays and HAD to have them.

      Sues- I think the sky captivated my attention much more than the game 🙂 It kept changing colors!

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