Sweet and Savory Curry Dip

I was 24 when I first tried anything with curry. My bridesmaids hosted a bridal shower for me and chicken curry sandwiches were on the menu. I quickly fell in love with the sandwiches and I must have raved because I was sent home with extra to enjoy later. I ate it for lunch and dinner for the next few days and found myself never wanting to see curry again. Fast-forward a few months to our honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos and curry was on the menu everywhere. Curry and conch meat. Not wanting to miss out on the local cuisine, I ordered a curry-battered conch sandwich poolside. I enjoyed my lunch, but after that meal I decided not to push it and instead turned my attention to jerk chicken and rum raisin ice cream. Naturally.

Our honeymoon was unbelievably almost seven years ago and it was the last time I had curry until this very month. I purchased some roasted curry powder and I am experimenting. I know there are several kinds of curry and I hope to sample the different varieties and find the curry of my dreams. I made this dip and you know what? It’s pretty great. Curry, goat cheese and mascarpone are mixed together and then topped with a sweet and tangy relish and garnished with green onions and slivered almonds. It’s creamy, tangy and crunchy. I think it could be one of those special dips you serve at a party that people go nuts for. Play around with the ingredients and I’m sure you’ll find that this dip can go a bunch of delicious ways.

Have a favorite curry? Please, share!

Recipe: Sweet and Savory Curry Dip

Serves 4

4 oz. mascarpone, softened

4 oz. goat cheese, softened

1 T. curry powder

1/4 C. Wayne’s green tomato relish or your favorite tangy sweet chutney

2 T. slivered almonds

2 T. green onions, cut thinly on the bias

1. In a small bowl mix the mascarpone and goat cheese until well combined. Add the curry powder and mix well. Refrigerate at least 1 hour and up to overnight to combine flavors.

2. When ready to serve, bring cheese and curry mixture out at room temperature for 1 hour. Using a spatula, scrape the cheese mixture into a pretty serving bowl. Spoon relish (or chutney) over the cheese mixture.

3. Sprinkle green onions and almonds generously over the dip. Serve with your favorite crackers.

The fine people at Foodzie sent me Wayne’s green tomato relish and I made this recipe as part of  Foodzie’s blogger tasting panel. This relish is eat-it-from-the-jar fantastic. It worked great in this recipe and I CANNOT wait to try the it on a charcoal-grilled burger.

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  1. I’m not really a curry expert, but I am interested in learning more. I must say, that photo is really beautiful! Curry and conch – now that’s a combination!

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