Sweet Cherry Galette

Currently, Michigan is riding a heat wave. The forecast for Thursday is 99 degrees and we do not have air conditioning. Summers have been pleasant the last 3 years that we’ve spent in our home, but this summer has been tougher. I don’t say this for sympathy, because I know some people wish it were warmer and some people are warmer than us. In fact, I kind of like that we don’t have it. Not so much during a week like this, but in a crazy way I feel like a pioneer. We’re old-school, toughing it out like people had to before air conditioning was invented.

The good news is that we have a brick home that is usually cooler inside than out. Marc and I do become a little listless in the evenings, but we turn our trusty fan on high and enjoy a bowl of ice cream.

If I get up early, I can take advantage of the cooler morning temperature on weekends. Last Saturday, I really wanted to make a galette. I went a little nuts with the cherry purchasing and reserved some for the galette, because obviously the rest are for eating fresh on the porch.

I didn’t mean to, but I woke Marc up with the constant click of the cherry pitter. Ah, the trials of life with a food blogger. I think he’ll agree it was worth it, though. Adding a touch of almond extract into the dough made the cherries that much more appealing and the course sugar scattered on the crust is one of those simple things that makes all the difference. This galette is most definitely worthy of turning on the oven.

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    • Kasey – I wish cherries were always around, too. Maybe we can send 20 degrees your way and then we’ll both be happy with summer?

      Nancy – I totally was. My bad.

      Cindy – How nice of your landlords! I just heard that it’s the warmest summer in 5 years. The timing of your move is impeccable 🙂

  1. galettes are always worth some oven heat! this heat wave is pretty killer, my landlords (bless them!) installed an AC unit as part of renovations…so, I’ve been hiding inside 🙂 i’m glad you have that fan and ice cream too!

  2. I’ll admit, I have family in Michigan and very rarely visit them this time of year. Living in San Francisco this long, I can’t take that heat/humidity (such a wimp, I know). But, you do have some of the best cherries in the world which, in my book, makes up for it all.

    • Elizabeth – I’ve started to become aware of the body’s amazing ability to adapt to climate. Last night I was feeling “cooler” and checked the thermostat to see the same number, 85 degrees, staring back at me 🙂 Michigan summers can be very nice, but I recommend being close to the lake! I agree, the cherries make up for it all.

  3. I have totally wondered what it felt like to have no escape from the heat until the weather broke. Like you say, people adapt. And PS: I want to eat this entire galette. And PPS: Someday I’d like to try those midwest cherries.

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