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Food Adventure // Zingerman’s Creamery and Bakehouse

Last Sunday we went to Vinology in Ann Arbor for Ann Arbor’s Restaurant week. The food was delicious, the friendly chef ¬†graciously served our entrees and the cocktails were stellar, but you know what might have been a little better? Our pre-dinner trip to Zingerman’s Creamery and Bakehouse. Both buildings are hidden along a service drive and even though we’ve been once before, we had to look for the familiar orange metal roof. We skipped lunch to justify a sampling of gelato before dinner reservations. The friendly bearded Zingerman’s employee highly recommended the dulce de leche (sold!) and said he… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Zingerman’s Roadhouse

There are many food meccas that people journey to and while Eastern Michigan has a treasure trove of fine restaurants, Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor has to be the ultimate for me. A relaxed atmosphere and a menu where you can’t go wrong. The Zingerman’s brand is so successful because the people behind it truly care about it. They care enough to scrutinize every detail of the experience. I just read that the neon Zingerman’s sign above the restaurant was painstakingly¬†crafted out of antique glass tubes from 1953. Everything from the quality of the wait staff to the unbeatable locally… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Ethiopian Food in Ann Arbor, Michigan

On Friday we dined at The Blue Nile restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they serve traditional Ethiopian food. We had a group of six and it was a unique experience with delicious food. The service was a bit slow at first, but we were having such a good time talking that we hardly noticed. Once the starters came, the wait staff was very attentive and friendly. It was a Friday night toward the end of Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week and I’m guessing they were swamped. The photo above is the woven basket that sat on top of our table,… Continue reading