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Seasonal Snapshots // Winter 2012/2013

Sometimes winter can be a hard season to love. The snow is pretty, but as soon as it warms up, gray slush begins to accumulate. The warming and cooling of our roads creates scary potholes. Every few days I have to scrub street salt off of my shoes.  If you were in the path of the northeast blizzard, I hope you’re cozy and safe. Eastern Michigan received about 6 inches of snow overnight and west Michigan received even more. This morning I pulled on my wool socks and  LL. Bean boots, cuffed my jeans and took it slow on the… Continue reading

Seasonal Snapshots // Fall 2012

The trees are mostly bare and the weather has cooled. I dug out my favorite knit hat and scarf this week and they have come in handy this week. Despite a strange 70 degree day last Sunday, Michigan is now deep into fall and creeping closer to winter. I’m still not used to watching the sun set on my way home from work. Today I’m sharing my favorite phone pictures of fall. Here are past seasonal snapshots to enjoy, if you like. Tracy’s Cashew and Mint Slaw, but with roasted peanuts. Love. My first pavlova was tasty, but it could have… Continue reading

Seasonal Snapshots // Summer 2012

This may be the best summer ever. I can’t put my finger on specifically why, but I have enjoyed every bit of it. Part of the reason I love doing these seasonal posts, is that I  get to revisit each season as I look through photos and a smile or quick chuckle is always part of the process. Here’s a peak at summer through my phone. Check out spring, winter, fall and last summer, if you like. Ladderball for all. This purse was the MVP of this summer. I made Joy the Baker’s Banana Coconut Cream Pie for my Dad’s birthday. He was very… Continue reading

Seasonal Snapshots // Winter 2011/2012

I’ve been delaying my seasonal winter post because we didn’t have any snow to speak of until recently. This is Michigan, friends, and I feel you can’t capture winter without a little snow. Without further ado, here’s my winter instagram/iPhone shots! Check out Summer 2011 and Fall 2011, if you like! Sale on tights! I like that Marc likes to make fires. I found the best chocolate milk. Took a few walks with my Dad. I dragged my family out for shaved ice in the winter. Not my best plan. Brrr. Dinner prep for a visit from the in-laws. New boots… Continue reading

Seasonal Snapshots // Fall 2011

Did I ever tell you about how in the dark ages I was with my last phone? It was the second cell phone I had ever owned and the numbers were waring off of the buttons, but it worked and I felt it was completely unnecessary to get a smart phone. Last summer, Marc suggested that we treat ourselves to the latest iPhones as an anniversary gift to each other and I agreed with hesitation. As they say, the rest is history. I love being able to snap quick phone pictures of noteworthy moments. Inspired by Tracy,  I created a… Continue reading