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Travel // Nashville, Tennessee – Part 2

Check out Part 1 of our Nashville trip! Wednesday We had dinner plans with friends for Wednesday night and armed with my map, we decided to see where the day would take us. We headed to East Nashville for lunch at The Silly Goose. We commented more than once that Nashville felt like several cities in one. Each neighborhood was unique, yet only a few minutes from each other. The variety allowed us to take advantage of something new every day of our week’s stay. The Silly Goose was one of my favorite spots for its unique decor, lively kitchen,… Continue reading

Travel // Nashville, Tennessee: Part 1

Check out the start of our roadtrip in Columbus! Sunday My nose was in a book for the rest of the drive, but I occasionally looked up to admire my favorite puffy clouds suspended in a bright blue sky. It was the most beautiful day for traveling. The sun cast a warm glow on me, but the cool temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s , kept the temperature inside of the car amazingly comfortable. After about 6 hours in the car from Columbus, we were closing in on Nashville. I expected to see the cityscape much sooner than… Continue reading