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Travel // Dinner in Cincinnati, Ohio

One last stop. On our return trip from Nashville, we were set to pass through Cincinnati around dinner time. I went to my phone to search for a place to stop. A restaurant called The Taste of Belgium caught my eye with its traditional Belgian cuisine. Right downtown and not far from the freeway, we found public parking and walked a short distance to the restaurant. The retro tile and bistro decor instantly assured me that I had made the right choice. House-infused liquor colorfully lined the bar. Going for the “go big or go home” school of thought, I… Continue reading

Travel // Columbus, Ohio

Travel // Columbus, Ohio // Dula Notes

I have so much to tell you about Nashville, but ¬†first, I must tell you about our weekend in Columbus. We made a little side-trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit our friends, Kyle and Allison, because it’s conveniently about halfway between our home and Nashville. We packed the car right after work on Friday and we were officially in vacation mode. Friday On our last roadtrip, I started reading books aloud and I decided to plan for that again. I have too many books on my bookshelf to justify buying an audio book and chose a couple to bring along.… Continue reading