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Food Adventure // La Feria in Detroit, Michigan

La Feria in Detroit, Michigan // Dula Notes

New restaurants are popping up and thriving all over Detroit and La Feria’s promise of authentic Spanish tapas really got me excited. I put it on my mental list of places to visit asap. They opened in bustling Midtown Detroit back in November next to a new gelato place, Melt and my favorite Detroit shops, Nora, Hugh, Shinola, City Bird and Nest. It makes a nice destination for an afternoon of shopping and eating as long as it isn’t Monday, since most of the shops are closed on Monday. As we ate our meal, the word “fresh” continued to come… Continue reading

Travel // Weekend Trip to West Lafayette, Indiana

Our weekend included a trip 3 hour trip west to visit my parents and then another 3 1/2 hours south to West Lafayette, Indiana to see two good friends get married. I left my Nikon at home and opted to use my phone for quick pictures during the weekend. I was just looking at them and I love my picture diary of everything we did. I thought  you might want to see it, too. First thing’s first. When you’re going away for a long weekend, you have to finish up the odds and ends in the refrigerator. Both were well-stocked… Continue reading

Food Adventure // Reserve

I’m going to tell you guys something that I think only you will understand. One of the first things I did for the New Year was make a list of places I wanted to eat in 2012. With the help of a new-to-me Detroit blog, Eat it Detroit, I quickly managed to make a list of 10 places in the metro Detroit area and 3 places in Grand Rapids. One of the Grand Rapids spots is Reserve. Their unique menu, local ingredients and extensive wine list pushed it to the top of the list. Grand Rapids is 2 hours or so… Continue reading

Travel // Traverse City, Michigan

Even though there are many places we’d love to visit, we have long wanted to go to Traverse City, Michigan. Since it is only a four hour drive from our home, it was easy to get around and investigate all of the great tips our friends and family offered. Traverse City shares the same climate as the Rhine region of Germany and produces wonderful Rieslings along with other fantastic wines. We enjoyed some wonderful dry Rieslings for those of you that find them too sweet for your taste. We had some bold reds, unique Rosé and fantastic Pinot Grigio and… Continue reading