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Ramp Compound Butter

Ramp Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

Last year I couldn’t find ramps anywhere, but this year my Whole Foods has a generous section of midwest-grown organic ramps. I bought 2 bunches last week and made my favorite pasta with ramps and then I went back for 5 more bunches. I’m pretty greedy. When using ramps, I aim for recipes that will really showcases the distinctive mild garlic flavor that makes everyone crazy for ramps. And I need the recipe to use both the bulbs and greens because I’m not throwing half of it away. No way. Now that the weather has warmed up, we’re grilling every chance we… Continue reading

How To Make a Great Cheese Board

Making A Great Cheese Plate // Dula Notes

A cheese board is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it’s dinner while watching Game of Thrones and Veep. Sometimes it’s an easy appetizer for entertaining. Get your guests a drink and point them towards a cheese board and they’re happy to wait while you finish up dinner. Below I’m sharing my suggestions for a cheese board with something for everyone. Feel free to share your favorite cheese board items and soon we’ll make this the go-to place for the cheese board of your dreams. Something Pickled/Brined Pickled/brined items balance out the richness of the cheese. Quick Pickled Radishes Fresh Refrigerator Pickles… Continue reading

Quick Pickled Radishes

Quick Pickled Radishes // Dula Notes

Marc and I had a rare day off together and we took a trip to Ikea. We left with nothing, but going to Ikea meant we were close to Ann Arbor and a delicious lunch was in our grasp. My friend, Lori, shared with me that she and her husband always eat in Ann Arbor after Ikea and it’s a pretty grand idea. If you don’t know of it, Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and it’s a charming college city with lots of dining options from casual to fancy. It’s also where you can visit Zingerman’s Roadhouse, creamery… Continue reading

Rhubarb Buttermilk Bread

Rhubarb Buttermilk Bread Recipe // Dula Notes

When you’re running or walking for exercise, do you give a smile and wave to passing people? I try to. I grew up in a very friendly community where everyone smiles. Even the people that have run so hard it looks like they might collapse muster a smile. During one of my parents’ visits, my Dad and I took a bike ride and he noticed that not many people acknowledged us on the trail. I had noticed a little, but his comment prompted me to pay a little bit more attention after that. Gathering research for my own amusement, let’s… Continue reading

Spring Pizza with Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes and Spring Onion

Spring Pizza with Asparagus, Tomato and Spring Onion Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s a rainy day in Michigan, but the air smells fresh and the grass is growing green. The duck couple that returns every spring has started waddling around our yard. Mr. Duck has the prettiest emerald green feathers that cover his head and Mrs. Duck is neutral in brown speckled feathers, save for one colorful patch of cobalt blue feathers on her side. I still remember when I met the duck couple. The first year in our home we had to clean up a yard that had been neglected for a while. We had garden beds filled with weeds and… Continue reading

Vegan Taco Collard Wraps

Vegan Taco Collard Wrap Recipe // Dula Notes

People have strong feelings for tacos. Taco love is almost universal, right? If you told me you didn’t like tacos, I’d be a little suspicious.  We’ve tried our fair share of tacos and they’ve never disappointed. Whether it’s the rich tacos at the El Guapo food truck, exotic tacos at Roast’s happy hour, the fresh tacos at Mas Tacos in Nashville, our favorite local spot Miguel’s or any taco anywhere in California, they all make us happy. I have tasted wonderful vegan tacos, but I’d never made a vegan taco at home. I was a little nervous, but the combination of… Continue reading

Gluten-Free Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten-Free Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Today I’m doing something new and guest posting over at Autumn Makes and Does! I’m really excited to share a recipe over at Autumn’s blog where she shares beautiful, seasonal recipes that just happen to be gluten-free. And bonus, she makes a mean cocktail. Thanks for having me, Autumn! These cookies, you guys! I can’t stop looking for ways to use tahini and now I’ll always have these easy, one-bowl tahini chocolate chip cookies. Christina over at Dessert for Two inspired me to put tahini in chocolate chip cookies and I set out to make a nutty, gluten-free version. I’m… Continue reading

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways

Almond Milk Bubble Tea Three Ways // Dula Notes

Michigan has sunshine and (relatively) warm weather, let’s celebrate with bubble tea, ok? I really got into bubble tea last fall while visiting my friends in California. Not only does the East Bay area have gorgeous produce, delicious Mexican food and copious sunshine, they also have bubble tea shops everywhere. We had bubble tea every day of our trip. It was our thing. Well…after I told everybody, this should be our thing! You can imagine the hole in my heart when I came back to Michigan and found it hard to locate bubble tea. I did find one place nearby… Continue reading

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder with Leeks

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder with Leeks Recipe // Dula Notes

One of the many good things that comes from traveling is food inspiration! Things you’ve never tasted before become a new obsession. I returned from Chicago starry-eyed about more than one dish and ready to march right into the kitchen. I wrote down a list of what I wanted to recreate at home and at the top was the milk-braised pork shoulder from the Purple Pig. It sounded kind of boring at the restaurant, but our waitress said we had to try it. Always trust the expert. It proves that something simple can rival any complicated recipe. I bought a beautiful pork… Continue reading

Mini Cheddar Herb Popovers

I’ve made this recipe at least 5 times and I don’t see myself stopping. Did you know that you don’t need a special popover pan to make popovers? I certainly didn’t until Adrianna said so in her Pancakes cookbook. That’s pretty great, right? These popovers really save the day when I’m making a big salad for dinner and I want a little something special on the side. The ingredients are simple and I usually have everything on-hand to make them whenever I like (danger). They are cheesy, light and just super delicious. I made these for Meg’s bridal shower because… Continue reading