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Travel // Traverse City, Michigan 2015

This is the third time we’re visiting Traverse City and it just gets more beautiful every time. The wine, the food, the friendly people, the lakes, it all drew us back. This time we took a few side-trips, too, and I wanted to share what we did with you. Links to everything we did is at the bottom of this monster post. Monday On Monday we arrived in Traverse City around 5 o’clock and went up the Old Mission Peninsula for some wine tastings before they closed. We started at 2 Lads Winery because they closed at 6 and it’s always… Continue reading

Travel // Traverse City, Michigan

Even though there are many places we’d love to visit, we have long wanted to go to Traverse City, Michigan. Since it is only a four hour drive from our home, it was easy to get around and investigate all of the great tips our friends and family offered. Traverse City shares the same climate as the Rhine region of Germany and produces wonderful Rieslings along with other fantastic wines. We enjoyed some wonderful dry Rieslings for those of you that find them too sweet for your taste. We had some bold reds, unique Rosé and fantastic Pinot Grigio and… Continue reading