Tangy Potato Salad

The temperature is rising in Michigan and it has prompted me to start an ironing project. This may be the year we get air conditioning, but if that isn’t the case, I am making sure all of our clothing is crisp for the start of summer. My new ritual starts early in the morning when the sun is just up and the air is cool. I open the front door and windows, then fill the iron with water and wait for the hiss of steam.

During this project I’ve discovered that Dawson’s Creek is now on Netflix. I laughed and then watched the first episode as I smoothed out collars and hems. I continued to watch even though the first season has many more eye rolls from Katie Holmes than I remember and Dawson is more immature and his hair is far fluffier than I remember. I wasn’t a Jen Lindley fan in the day, but now I see the glimmer of the fine actress Michelle Williams has become. I have always liked Pacey and continue to appreciate the comic relief he provides in this heavy-handed teen drama.

I keep watching as I chip away at the ironing because it feels like opening a yearbook. I am attracted to the nostalgia of that time near the year 2000. I spy oversized sweaters, tiny hair clips, body glitter, carpenter jeans and sheer shirts over cotton tanks. It’s all familiar, yet tucked far away in my head. Does anyone else remember the J. Crew catalog with the cast of Dawson’s Creek? I remember being very excited that two things I loved had come together.

This recipe is an old friend, too, that I like to keep in my back pocket. It is incredibly simple and a crowd favorite. I’ve seen potato salad-haters eat this up and this is the recipe I most give out to friends. I usually hear back that they make it often, too. It’s a winner.

This time around I used my chive blossom vinegar and its chive-infused flavor pairs nicely with the potatoes, scallions and chives. White wine vinegar and champagne vinegar works just as well, though.

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  1. I love it. I used to watch that show religiously! We must be about the same age. Ha. The salad looks great. I was just writing about potato salad so you clearly read my mind. xo

    • Robin – That show was a sensation at the time, wasn’t it? It is still hard to believe that little Joey Potter is married to Tom Cruise now. Looking forward to your potato salad!

  2. Nicole, ever since you made this for us many years ago this has become my go-to potato salad! Don’t worry I always give credit where credit is due 🙂 We hope to get together over the summer!!

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