Tender Shortbread

This recipe is an all-time favorite of mine and I’ve been meaning to share it for years, yes, years! My fantastic boss, Pam, once told me that she is not a big cake fan, but she can’t resist shortbread. Two years ago I started making tender shortbread for her birthday and it has since become an end of April tradition. She seems to love the tradition and who am I kidding, I look forward to it, too.


It all starts with a good dose of fresh butter and then you add a short list of ingredients. The quality of your butter is important here and I use Kerrygold with stellar results. In hardly any time at all, a tray of buttery, pale and very tender cookies are yours to enjoy. A half-sheet pan of delicious cookies is good and bad. I only make them once a year and give most of them to my boss to share with her family. This time around, I also brought some along when we were invited to a friends’ house for dinner. The meal was wonderful and then concluded with cookies…and then margaritas. It was a long week.

If you love buttery shortbread, please give these a try. The contrast of the tender buttery crumb against the course sugar on top is a winning combination. If you don’t have coarse sugar on hand, regular granulated sugar or superfine sugar can be sprinkled on the shortbread instead.

All of those delicious cookies up there are gone now and I’m already looking forward to next April.

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  1. My Irish-born husband loves shortbread with his tea (and so do I). Not too sweet with a beautifully buttery flavor, shortbread cookies are such a treat.

    • Jess – I wanted to brew up some tea to enjoy with these, but I was sadly in a terrible time crunch! I will make the time with the next batch, for sure. I forgot to mention how they are not-too-sweet and I just love desserts like that!

  2. I love shortbread too, but I’m easily affected by too-rich foods (shortbread being a big culprit). It’s hard to eat just one piece so I like that you give this away 🙂 Looks delicious!

  3. I always wonder if the type of butter you use significantly improves the results, and it sounds like with a recipe like this one (which is packed full of butter!), it’s best to take it up a notch. Would you believe, I’ve never tried Kerrygold butter? I’m missing out bigtime, aren’t I?

    • Kasey – You know, the first time I made this I happened to have Kerrygold on hand and now I can’t go back 🙂 It is just so fresh tasting. KG is also divine spread on fresh bread. It reminds me of the wonderful European butter my Oma used to serve with breakfast when I was a kid. I don’t even dare have it softened and lying around for bread and butter or I would be in serious, serious trouble!

  4. I’ve never seen cornstarch in a shortbread recipe before. Is this recipe more like a cake than a cookie consistency?

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