Thanksgiving 2014

Pumpkin Pie Cronut // Thanksgiving 2014 @nicoledula

I had the best Thanksgiving and I hope you did, too. I started things off right with a pumpkin cronut on Wednesday morning. The flaky layers! The pumpkin pie filling!

After work we drove to the west side of Michigan and saw several people pulled over for speeding and one car on fire in the median. I hope everyone was ok, but I like that you never know what’s going to go down on a holiday weekend. Did I ever tell you about the time two guys almost got into a fist fight over our table at a restaurant? I think of it EVERY Thanksgiving now. The roads were clear and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. We ate dinner out and went to bed reasonably early . And we woke up to a white Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

My sister-in-law asked that I arrive early to help with dinner, aka, she didn’t want to touch the raw turkey. While we chopped, peeled and I wiggled a frozen turkey neck out of the cavity (thankfully the rest of the turkey had thawed), Marc was trying to find a way to get the Lions football game on tv because their antennae didn’t get the station. He eventually found a way and it was time for us to make our way to snacks.

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

Old school appetizers by mom and the most colorful Thanksgiving plate. All of the hard work paid off and it was delicious. We had to wait a long time before even thinking about dessert.

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

The next day my mom and I went downtown and I had the best latte at Lemonjello’s. My mom tried on a million things at one store, but the nicest lady helped us and made it fun. Mom ended up with 2 pairs of leggings. We shared a sub for lunch, even if I wasn’t sure I was hungry.

Lemonjello's Latte Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

After shopping and a sub, I needed a  brisk walk. Nobody else was in the mood, so I went on a solo snowy walk. It was beautiful.

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

The rest of the weekend included movies, more lattes, more food and a great game of Taboo. I hope you had a nice weekend, too!

Thanksgiving 2014 // @nicoledula

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    • Thanks, Heather! I’ve never spent the holidays away from the midwest, but there’s no place I’d rather be 🙂

  1. I’m probably insane for even thinking this…but, I miss the snow!! It “snowed” here a teeny bit the week-ish before Thanksgiving and there was one other person at Sean’s office…out of like, 50. Hilarious.

    • After last winter, I thought I wouldn’t appreciate snow anymore, but sure enough, I loved having it on Thanksgiving. I don’t think you’re crazy at all 🙂 That’s so funny about Sean’s office, too. On the west side especially, they do such a good job with plowing the roads, it really isn’t bad!

    • I bought the cronut at Home Bakery in Rochester, Michigan 🙂 There’s also a vanilla cream filled version!

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