At Home // The Other Woman.

On a random Thursday evening my husband decided we needed a new computer. He had a difficult day, so I indulged him. Before I could catch on to what was happening, we were walking out of the Apple Store with a 24″ iMac. Those sneaky Apple workers! It is monstrous. It was large in the Apple Store with 20 foot ceilings, but when we brought it back to our humble 60’s ranch it was like the Griswolds bringing that giant Christmas tree into the house.  Through all of my initial hesitations, I’m really loving the new computer. We haven’t actually had a home computer for quite some time. The husband transports his work laptop back and forth and let me tell you, sharing a computer with a computer programmer is kinda, sorta, impossible.

I call this new computer, “the other woman” because my husband is mesmerized by it. It is the new woman in our life. She’s lucky she’s so darn beautiful and intuitive or I’d have her in the streets. Who am I kidding? I love her, too.

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