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Nicole Dula's Top 5 Baby Registry Favorites // @NicoleDula

My Top 5 Baby Registry Favorites

It’s a big challenge to sort through all of the baby items out there and find both functional and cute items. We try to live a pretty minimalist lifestyle, only buying things we need and love and applying that to a new baby has been difficult! Some items we’ll hold off on until she’s here, but I wanted to share my favorite finds.

1. Swan Blanket – I just fell in love with this swan blanket, simple as that. I’m not really a big fan of baby pink and the black and white color with the whimsical swans was perfect for me.

2. MamaRoo Infant Seat – I first saw this infant seat in one of Amelia’s amazing videos back in 2014. I showed it to Marc after we found out I was pregnant and it was his only registry request. The seat bounces up and down and side to side to simulate a parent’s natural rocking motion. And the mother’s day eclair video is my all-time favorite Bon Appetempt video, incase you were wondering.

3. Keekaroo Peanut Changer – This changer is nice because you don’t have to buy a changing pad, waterproof sheet and decorative sheet. We’ll have plenty of laundry as it is. It’s made of a rubbery material in the US, that stays in place and can be easily wiped off.

4. Milk Snob Nursing Cover/Infant Car Seat Cover – I love that this has a dual purpose. It comes in an array of patterns and colors, but I went for the classic black and white stripe.

5. Oh Joy Muslin Swaddle 3-Pack – Flamingo – Not only did I get this swaddle 3-pack, I also got the flamingo crib sheet, which is adorable and affordable, too. Marc overheard someone at my shower ask, “Does Nicole have a thing for flamingos?” Maybe I do!

Baby List Registry

While we’re talking about helpful tools, I also wanted to tell you about Baby List because I first heard about it on The Faux Martha’s Blog and instantly thought it was genius. You can add items from any of your favorite online stores and the site is clean to look at and easy to use. I worried that it might be confusing for some of our family members and friends, but 4 ladies at my first baby shower made a point of telling me how easy it was to use and how much fun they had using it. Well then! As much as Amazon and Target are go-to places, I also love to purchase items from independent companies and Baby List lets you add those special items to your registry.

Baby List also has a bunch of “Best” guides to help navigate all of the products out there and I recently use the best high chair guide to help my Mom find a reasonably priced high chair for the grandkids and the nursing bra guide to navigate the selection out there.

A Few Of My Other Favorites

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier – This new carrier was just released this spring and eliminates the need for an infant insert and it’s cheaper than the 360, which requires the purchase of an infant insert. We hope to get this after she arrives.

Nuna Pipa Car Seat & Base – My sister-in-law bought this for my nephew and it’s super light, easy to install, easily clips into a compatible stroller, and all of the cloth parts can be washed. Marc just put it in the car over the weekend and it he said it was easy! There’s a level on the car seat and this car seat features a bar that goes down to the ground for a safe and sturdy install. We love the look of it, too.

Nuna Mixx Stroller – My best girl friends bought this stroller for us and my sister-in-law has it for my nephew. It looks great, easily collapses, and has sturdy tires for nature walks or downtown walks. The Nuna Pipa car seat clips right in for when they’re small. It’s a bit bulky once collapsed, but that’s the only slight negative.

Nuna Sena Travel Crib – Continuing the Nuna streak, we also have the travel crib. It looks great, it’s sturdy and well-built, and you just remove the mattress pad and pull up on a strap to collapse quickly. It’s has some weight to it, but I looked at other travel cribs that were lighter and the construction and netting seemed flimsy, and they were more money! Also register for or purchase the waterproof sheet for the mattress because it does not come with. They have a changer accessory, too, that you can purchase, if you’d like to change baby right on top. Nuna also has a Sena mini cot, which is great for small spaces.

Gummygoods Night Light – This sweet nightlight has a timer switch so it can be on for an hour to give baby something to gaze at while they fall asleep. It comes in a bunch of colors, but Marc requested red because it’s best for night vision. Nerd alert.

Boon Lawn in White – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about this one. Every mother I know has one. It sits next to your sink and is great for drying all of the little parts from your bottles and/or breast pump. I like the white on white version, but it also comes in a spring green version.

Babyletto Hudson Crib in White – I did a fair amount of research on cribs and I kept coming back to the Babyletto Hudson crib because of its clean design and reasonable price point. It was easy to put together and can transition to a toddler bed.

Marpac Dohm-DS White Noise Machine – I love this thing! Instead of playing sounds, this machine is more like a fan that swirls air around to create a peaceful, wind-swooshing sound. It can be set from low to high.

Tripp Trapp High Chair in White – I did not want to buy several high chairs as she grew, so we decided on this popular Tripp Trapp style. It slides under most dining room tables, to save space. It has an infant insert for when they’re little and they can use it for years. Friends of ours have a 5 year old who still loves sitting in hers.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail – I did not realize that we’d need one of these. Rookie move, I suppose. After looking at a ton of styles, this seemed to be the best bang for your buck. It has a step pedal to make diaper disposal easy and an air freshener disk at the top to keep odor at bay.

Lovie Bunny – I fell in love with this little guy as soon as I saw it! It’s soft and sweet.

Leka Baby Gym – There are so many baby gyms out there, but it’s really hard to find a cute one. This Ikea one is an excellent price and it’s cute, too. We’ve received many beautiful baby blankets, so we didn’t feel the need to purchase a baby gym with an attached play mat.

I found my favorite products by looking at LOTS of other “best of” and  “registry favorite” lists and these are the products that appealed to me. I hope it’s been helpful!

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  1. Hi Sweetie – I love Flamingos, too! [Scottie Dogs, Flamingos, Peacocks & palm trees are my faves.]. 🙂

  2. That’s Pipes’ crib! And that Rock-a-Roo was a dream for us. I hope your ba(b)e loves it too!

    This is such a great list. You’re a natural. I just love how authentic your style is. For reals. 🙂 xo

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