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Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Harvest // @nicoledula

On day 3, we slept in a little and decided to skip breakfast after having a late dinner. We leisurely readied ourselves for the day and walked back down Market street (or NuLu, short for New Louisville) to eat at Harvest for lunch. Their website does not do this place justice. They have a concise, seasonal menu, but we didn’t have any trouble finding dishes we wanted. I was tempted to get the souther fried chicken confit sandwich with candied jalapeño (!!!)

Marc ordered the wedge salad with bleu cheese dressing, pickled watermelon, pancetta and sweet potato. He really enjoyed it. I ordered the daily special, a tartine on local baguette with Canadian bacon, asparagus, poached egg and arugula, topped with pimento cheese sauce and chow chow. My lunch was incredible! Both dishes were so fresh and I love the southern touches with pickled watermelon, pimento cheese and chow chow.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Harvest // @nicoledula

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Harvest // @nicoledula

We also ordered the sorghum cookie with buttercream and candied bacon filling, you know, because I passed on the fried chicken sandwich. Someone next to us ordered it and we both followed the plate with our eyes and had to have it. The cookies were the perfect texture and it was sweet, but so good!

We walked around NuLu for a while, popping our heads into the shops on Market Street. I bought a cute little gift for my soon-t0-be-born nephew at Scout. We couldn’t help but stop into Joe Ley Antiques because it’s hard to miss on Market Street. It’s a huge brick building that was an 1890’s schoolhouse. We noticed how organized it was for an antique shop. Lots of unique things to see!

We used Uber to get back to our hotel to change for our evening at Churchill Downs. They have Thursday night races with food trucks, which sounded fun. We used Uber again to get to and from Churchill Downs. We had a pretty good experience with Uber, but one driver shared that Uber lowered their prices significantly, which was good for us, but he said the selection of drivers wasn’t as plentiful as it used to be. That said, we didn’t have trouble getting drivers, but some were better than others.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Churchill Downs // @nicoledula

When purchasing tickets, I wanted to make sure we weren’t exposed to full sun incase it was a hot and humid day. The NYT travel guide recommended getting tickets on Millionaire’s Row, the area where celebrities hang out for the Kentucky Derby. Tickets are around $30 and include a table seat inside, access to the buffet and unassigned standing room outside to watch the races. We didn’t realize that these tickets did not include outdoor seating, but we spent most of our time outside watching the races. We didn’t end up betting on the horses, but they try to make it easy for beginners. Your ticket for Millionaire’s Row includes a brochure that shows all of the horse races and their odds. There was also a Wagering 101 tent where you could get help.

If I ever go back, I’d get general admission tickets, which are a very reasonable $5-$10. It was a bit claustrophobic for us in the buffet room.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Churchill Downs // @nicoledula

Instead we walked downstairs to the courtyard area to check out the food trucks. The Holy Molé taco truck didn’t have much of a line, so we grabbed a couple of tacos to eat as we checked out the courtyard area. The tacos were all great, but the chicken was especially good. There was some really nice patio seating that was claimed by the time we wandered down and an area where the winner of each horse race was paraded down for everyone to see. Lots of huge tvs are hung in the area to catch each race.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Holy Mole Taco Truck // @nicoledula

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Churchill Downs // @nicoledula

We went back to Millionaire’s Row for two more races, an overpriced Mint Julep and a selfie. It was cool to see the race track and to see how large everything else is. The horses are really beautiful and Marc pointed out how muscular they were compared to the Churchill Downs horses that escorted the race horses down the track. We left before the last race, ready to head back and grab a nightcap.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - Churchill Downs Selfie // @nicoledula

Across the street from our hotel, we noticed a restaurant and bar that seemed to be pretty popular. We could see the comings and goings from our hotel room window. We had no recommendations to try it, but we thought we’d give it a shot.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - St. Charles Exchange // @nicoledula

We arrived just after happy hour where tiny Miller High Life beer bottles were scattered on the bar counter. The decor was very modern-southern, a look we noticed again and again. I loved the hostess who was cheery and friendly.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - St. Charles Exchange // @nicoledula

Our bartender sported a man bun, which led to me filling Marc in on the man bun trend, something he had completely missed somehow. Marc ordered Russell’s Reserve 10 year on the rocks and I had the Spring on Main cocktail with Evan Williams single barrel bourbon, cappalletti, lemon juice, peach syrup, peychaud’s bitters and soda. I loved it.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - St. Charles Exchange // @nicoledula

After I saw this Elvis on Horseback appetizer, I had to try it. Peanut butter stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon with bourbon banana sauce. They were unique, but very delicious!

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - St. Charles Exchange // @nicoledula

I needed greens in a big way, so the bartender recommended the cornbread panzanella with Stilton bleu cheese, brussels sprouts, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette. The flavors came together really nicely.

Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 - St. Charles Exchange // @nicoledula

Marc tried to order the duck, but shortly after we ordered, the manager came over and explained that a large group of 18 had just placed their order and 16 of the 18 went for the duck! He sincerely apologized and gave Marc the menu again to select something else. He ordered the pork chop.

The large bone-in pork chop arrived swimming in the most delicious red eye gravy with greens and grits. It was Marc’s favorite meal of the trip and I snagged a few bites because it truly was incredible. They use the same farm for their pork chops as Proof on Main does and you can really taste the quality.

We hung out for a while and chatted with the hostess and the bartender. They have a lovely patio area that the hostess showed me when I wondered about the large window next to the bar that revealed cascading ivy on the building’s brick exterior. It wasn’t very busy that night and the staff was very welcoming and friendly. The whole experience was a pleasant surprise.


Shopping on Market Street

Scout 720 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Joe Ley Antiques 615 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Churchill Downs 700 Central Avenue Louisville, KY


Harvest 624 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Holy Molé Taco Truck

St. Charles Exchange 113 S. 7th Street Louisville, KY

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