Travel // Louisville, Kentucky City Guide 2015 – Day 5

Louisville, KY City Guide - Please & Thank You // @nicoledula

On our last morning in Louisville, we sadly packed our things and asked for a luggage cart to load our stuff on. They took that as a cue to pull our car around, too, so by the time we were done checking out, we were good to go. The service at the 21 C Hotel was truly great.

Garage Bar, our brunch destination, didn’t open until 11, so we stopped by Please & Thank You, a coffee shop/record store in the NuLu neighborhood. You can’t really see it in the photo, but the chalkboard had “RIP BB King” written on it from his recent death. As we waited for our lattes to be made, the food in the case was making me hungry and we checked out their vinyl selection in the back. I had to grab one of their chocolate chip cookies for the road.

Louisville, KY City Guide - Please & Thank You // @nicoledula

Louisville, KY City Guide - Please & Thank You // @nicoledula

We walked back to Garage Bar a few minutes before they opened, so a bunch of us were sitting on their patio furniture. We enjoyed our coffees as soft rain fell.

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

We were seated inside and ready to do brunch right! We started with oysters, which I sadly hadn’t had since we arrived. These guys were perfect and I loved the bourbon cocktail sauce.

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

Marc ordered the plum ginger shrub soda which was excellent. A touch tart and really refreshing. Then I told Marc about the recent shrub craze and what a shrub was.

Louisville, KY City Guide - Garage // @nicoledula

Garage is known for their Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. They also have a list of the farms they work with on the menu. Marc ordered the sausage, egg and cheese pizza (pretty self explanatory, but that sausage was so good!) and I ordered the Monte Cristo Pizza with country ham, garlic, sorghum, gouda, egg and strawberry preserves. Dreamy!

Please & Thank you Chocolate Chip Cookie // @nicoledula

We hit the road for Nashville and the light rain turned heavy. The trip to Nashville is only about 3 hours away, but the rain made the trip a bit longer. We stopped at a rest area for a bathroom break and enjoyed our Please & Thank You chocolate chip cookie which was perfect. Chewy and buttery and the right amount of chocolate chips. Bye Louisville, you were grand!

Rainy drive from Louisville to Nashville // @nicoledula

Next up is Nashville! Below is a list of all the places we visited in Louisville, KY plus the great city guides I referred to as I planned our trip. Thanks to Kasey, Shanna and Megan!

City Guides to Reference

New York Times

Turntable Kitchen

Food Loves Writing

Take a Megabite


21 C Museum Hotel  700 W. Main Street Louisville, KY


Rye on Market 900 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Proof on Main 702 W. Main Street Louisville, KY

Woodford Reserve Cafe 4855 McCracken Pike Versailles, KY

Harvest 624 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Holy Molé Taco Truck

St. Charles Exchange 113 S. 7th Street Louisville, KY

Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen 2525 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY

Holy Grale 1034 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY


Look out over the Ohio River

R&R Limousine Service 4403 Kiln Court Louisville, KY

Buffalo Trace Distillery 113 Great Buffalo Trace Frankfort, KY

Woodford Reserve Distillery 4855 McCracken Pike Versailles, KY

Four Roses Distillery 1224 Bonds Mill Road Lawrenceburg, KY

Churchill Downs 700 Central Avenue Louisville, KY

Massage at 21C Museum Hotel 700 West Main Street Louisville, KY

Cave Hill Cemetery 701 Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY


Shop in the Nulu neighborhood on Market Street

Scout 720 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

Joe Ley Antiques 615 E. Market Street Louisville, KY

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