Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake Recipe // Dula Notes

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! We had a lovely time in Holland, Michigan, the city I grew up in that lucky-for-us happens to sit on Lake Michigan. We browsed inside the downtown stores, one of which was an audio visual store that perked Marc right up after expecting to go in endless little shops that smell like scented candles. We also visited a new store owned by a girl I know from high school that looks a little French, a little shabby chic. It is simply gorgeous with home decor items, girly dresses, striped straws and fresh flowers. She had white handmade Italian dishes that I am thinking of selling a kidney for.

Our wishlist after a few hours downtown: $5000 worth of speakers and accessories for Marc and hundreds of dollars in handmade pottery for me. I suppose we’ll keep dreaming for now. The rest of the weekend we grilled with my family, went to the beach, ate ice cream and s’mores (with a smear of peanut butter) and Dad bought a box of Michigan approved fireworks. We had a blast.

Tres Leches Cake Recipe // Dula Notes

Are you ready for some cake? A few weeks back, my parents visited and we took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant;  my Mom fell deeply in love with a spongy, creamy tres leches cake. I felt it was my duty as a baking daughter to find and recreate the cake. I looked at all sorts of recipes, but ended up coming back to the Pioneer Woman’s recipe with my own spin on it. The milk mixture was sweet and I was compelled to dial down the sugar in the rest of the recipe. I also decided to let the cake soak right in the pan the cake was baked in, as opposed to popping the cake out of the pan. I get a little scared when something might be mushy or soggy, but I am happy to report that the spongy cake soaks up the milk, but never turns into a soggy mess.

I was very happy with the resulting cake and so was my Mom. When we arrived at their house, I brought the cake pan in and said, “Guess what I made for you?” Her eyes lit up and she said, “TRES LECHES?” We proceeded to share a piece outside in the sunshine.

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    • Kimberley – Thanks! I hope your weekend was great, too. This cake IS epic 🙂

      Sues – I felt the same way! It’s something you need to do 🙂

  1. Mmm I can’t believe I’ve never made tres leches cake. I have a feeling the Pioneer Woman’s recipe is most definitely the best! 🙂 Looks fabulous.

  2. Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve never had tres leches. And here we even lived in Texas for two years — a state famous for it. It’s always looked and sounded like something so decadent I might not be able to tolerate it, though I’m sure I’d be able to finish a piece or two!! Perhaps it’ll take a visit to Holland, MI some day to finally get me to make it. Or at least ogle antiques quite a bit.



    • Heather – It is still rich and creamy, but I think I got the sugar to the right spot. It’s a great dessert for sharing at a gathering to help with portion control 🙂

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