Turkey, Peppery Goat Cheese and Fig Jam Panini

I realize you are probably in the throws of Thanksgiving preparations (like me), but could I recommend this sandwich for your turkey leftovers? We had crusty whole wheat bread and Detroit Street Brick cheese leftover from a recent trip to Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan and this panini was me not wanting to waste a single morsel. The Detroit Street Brick is an aged goat cheese studded with green peppercorns. It’s creamy with a little kick from the pepper. I am a big fan of the savory and sweet combination and quickly decided that fig jam would be added as well. I then realized that this would be a good way to make your leftovers not seem like leftovers any more.

If you don’t have these particular items at your grocery store, it is easily adaptable. Use your favorite crusty bread, leftover turkey, creamy goat or brie cheese and your favorite store-bought or homemade jam. If you don’t have a panini maker, you can make it in a skillet and place something heavy on top (a brick wrapped in tin foil, for example) or just eat this baby without grilling it. The gooey jam and creamy cheese just melts into the hearty bread. The turkey was still the main ingredient, but the cheese and jam made for the ultimate sweet and savory sandwich.

I also have a little tip for you from my Oma. I purchased this bread a week ago and when I tried cutting into it, well, it was stale. My Oma used to take the paper bag her bread came in, get it a bit wet in the sink, stick the stale bread in the bag and bake it at around 350 degrees for about 5-8 minutes. Of course, watch your bread carefully because obviously paper + heat = fire. I pulled the bread out and I was able to cut through it like I had just purchased it.

Recipe: Turkey, Peppery Goat Cheese and Fig Jam Panini

2 slices of hearty thick-sliced bread

2 slices of leftover turkey

3 slices of thick creamy goat or brie cheese (I used Zingerman’s Detroit Street Brick)

2 T. of fig jam (or your favorite jam)

1. Spread a generous dollop of jam on each slice of bread. Top with turkey and cheese. If you want a peppery kick (you do, you do!) and don’t have access to Detroit Street Brick, sprinkle freshly ground pepper over cheese.

2. Put sandwich in a panini maker or in a hot skillet with something heavy on top (a press or tin foil covered brick). Cook until golden brown on both sides and filling is heated through.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our 16 pound turkey will be a passenger in our car tomorrow as we drive 3 hours to the west side of Michigan. He’ll have to share the cooler with extra dough for a yet-to-be-determined galette with a filing of my Mom’s choosing.

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  1. This is an awesome Thanksgiving leftovers idea!! I have a feeling the peppery goat cheese and fig jam would complement each other sooo well. YUM! I like leftovers better than the actual dinner 🙂

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