Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you can believe it, this is my first time making vanilla bean ice cream. It’s about time, right? It also happens to be my husband’s favorite. Well, vanilla and Superman ice cream. I found out recently that Superman ice cream is originally from Michigan and is sometimes found around the midwest. I personally think Superman is gross, but I’m all about vanilla.

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe // Dula Notes

I used to get a little nervous about making ice cream with eggs because I tried making a rum raisin recipe for our anniversary a few years ago (it reminds me of our honeymoon) that was extremely rich. Too rich. Jeni’s eggless ice cream base became even more appealing and I stuck to it for a while. I am aware, though, that most of the ice cream I’ve eaten in my life did contain eggs and I was determined to find a balance.

I think I did just that. This vanilla bean ice cream is delicious, easy to scoop and full of vanilla bean flecks, just the way I like it. Not too rich, but perfectly creamy. This is the ice cream to add to the warm pies and baked goods you plan to make now that the weather has cooled. I’m sure it would be wonderful with a little chocolate sauce on top, too. It’s the kind of recipe you keep as a go-to for any occasion.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe // Dula Notes

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but quality ingredients are key here. There are only 4 ingredients and I recommend choosing high-quality milk and eggs from a source you trust. I am fortunate enough to have an egg guy about a mile away from our home and there are several excellent Michigan dairies that provide their milk to our local grocery stores. If you’re curious, I purchase my Ugandan bourbon vanilla beans here.

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  1. Vanilla bean ice cream is my favorite, and last year I did an experiment to see which vanilla bean had the best flavor. In the end, the Mexican and Madagascar vanilla beans were more flavorful than the Tahitian ones I tried. I like the Madagascar vanilla bean for summer and the rich and earthy Mexican ones for winter ice cream. I’ve never tried the Ugandan bourbon ones- must check them out!

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