Vanilla Meringue Cookies

Vanilla Meringue Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

Meringues remind me of the holidays. My Mom used to make them with colorful sprinkles on top and my brother and I loved popping them into our mouths. The contrast in texture between the crisp outside and the soft center is just fun to eat. I needed 6 egg yolks for the Bourbon Cinnamon Tiramisu and meringue cookies seemed like the right thing to do with the leftover egg whites. I grabbed a reusable piping bag and added a big open star piping tip. My hands were a little sticky, but I loved piping these guys out! They’re like snowflakes in that they all are unique. Well, when I make them anyway.


This recipe makes a bunch of little meringues and I had to give some away to friends for fear of eating them all myself. Now they’re sadly gone and I’m thinking about making another tiramisu so that I can make these meringues again. I’m in some sort of delicious food circle and I love it.

Vanilla Meringue Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

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