Vegan Blueberry Lime Sherbet Popsicles

Vegan Blueberry Lime Sherbet Popsicles // Dula Notes

Like many of the bloggers that participated in popsicle week, I just couldn’t stop at one flavor. As I waited for my first pops to freeze, I was already thinking about the next kind I wanted to make. This variety is refreshing and the combination of blueberry, lime and a hint of vanilla is really, really good. I didn’t blend the mixture too much because I love that these pops have blueberry freckles.

They’re really a breeze to make, too. I’m already planning on serving these (unless another popsicle recipe turns my head) at a barbecue I’m planning for when Matt and Meg return from their European honeymoon in a couple of weeks. Marc and I will also be making cocktails with my brandied sour cherries for the occasion. I really can’t wait to crack that jar open after seven long weeks. It’s going to be good, friends.

Until then, popsicles fever continues.


I use this Progressive Popsicle Mold and love it. It’s an Amazon affiliate link that won’t cost you any more money, but I’ll get a little kickback if you use the link and that helps me run this little blog. Thanks for supporting Dula Notes!

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