Vegan Citrus Farro Salad with Pomegranate and Pistachios

Vegan Citrus Farro Salad with Pomegranate and Pistachios  Recipe // Dula Notes

Thanksgiving is so close and I already have the adrenaline pumping this morning after running into 3 grocery stores to find kabocha squash for the best kabocha squash pie. Oh man, I can’t wait for pie. Tonight I’ll be packing and doing a little baking. Marc has the podcasts Star Talk with guest Anthony Bourdain and The Alton Browncast queued up for our 3 hour drive. I hope you have a nice weekend planned, too.

Let’s talk salad. This farro salad is probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. It’s healthy, vegan and would make a beautiful last-minute addition to your Thanksgiving table. If you’re already set there, it’s the best post-Thanksgiving meal I can think of. It’s light and fresh from a good dose of citrus. I always crave something like this after the holidays or a vacation. You can feel good about eating it and its good looks will make you happy.

This salad has a bit of special prep work that you might not be familiar with, so I’ve broken down the steps below for segmenting citrus and for easily opening a pomegranate that keeps the arils intact.

How To Segment Citrus // Dula Notes

How to segment citrus

  1. Slice a thin slice off the top and the bottom for stability.
  2. Using a sharp knife and starting at the top, cut the peel and the pith off following the curve of the citrus to expose the flesh.
  3. Identify the lines of each segment and use the sharp knife to cut just inside the membrane on one side and just inside the other half of the membrane, so you have a perfect little slice with no pith. Continue cutting out all of the segments. You can squeeze the remaining pith for additional juice.

How To Segment Citrus // Dula Notes

How To Segment Citrus // Dula Notes

How To Segment Citrus // Dula Notes

 How to seed a pomegranate

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut a flap off the top of the pomegranate, but just cutting into the skin and not into the arils. With your hands, peel the flap of skin off the top.
  2. Identify where the  six segments are from the top and use your knife to cut just into the skin along the six segments from the top of the skin to the base of the fruit. Use your knife to remove enough of the pith in the top-center to place your thumb in there to separate out the segments.
  3. Using your thumb in the center, pull the six segments apart. Remove the pith along each segment and remove the arils.

The Best Way to Open a Pomegranate // Dula Notes

The Best Way to Open a Pomegranate // Dula Notes

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    • Cooking farro is SUPER easy and it mixes things up a little, you know? This would be great with a side of biscuits 🙂

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