Vegan Raw Strawberry Crumble

Vegan Raw Strawberry Crumble Recipe // @nicoledula

How was your weekend? I hope it was good! For the past few Easters, we’ve had dinner at a friend’s house. I plan the menu with our hostess, Nancy, digging through my Pinterest saves for recipes we can make. This year we decided on Mom’s deviled eggs (the guys go crazy for them), Cookie+Kate’s green goddess hummus, Bacon-wrapped pork loin, beet salad with whipped goat cheese + maple walnuts, green beans sprinkled with summer savory, spaetzle and chocolate cake with espresso + bourbon buttercream and crumbled chocolate cookies (!!!)

We split the menu up and I spent the better part of Saturday making my half. On Sunday morning, Nancy had to send the sad text that she was sick and we couldn’t do our Easter dinner together. Instead, she wrapped up her half and I wrapped up my half and we did an exchange. We each had the same delicious dinner in two location and texted each other after the appetizers, then again when the aromatic pork came out of the oven and a third time when there was room for chocolate cake. Easter in 2015, yo.

Vegan Raw Strawberry Crumble Recipe // @nicoledula

Vegan Raw Strawberry Crumble Recipe // @nicoledula

I already needed my food processor for the hummus and whipped goat cheese, so I just washed it out again and used it for this great little crumble. Sometimes fruit is just too pretty and perfect to bake or roast and when you find yourself with this dilemma, this raw crumble is the solution.

The beautiful strawberries are sliced and marinate for a little while in pure maple syrup and vanilla bean flecks. Then you pulse up some nuts, dates, cinnamon and sea salt. Sprinkle that crumble ALL over. If you really want to win at life, add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.Β Pat yourself on the back for respecting those beautiful strawberries. It’s completely delicious and just happens to be vegan, raw, gluten-free and quick to make.

Vegan Raw Strawberry Crumble Recipe // @nicoledula

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    • Thanks, Stephanie! I let my Costco membership lapse a few years ago, but I’ve heard about their growing selection of organic produce and medjool dates in bulk is also intriguing. They’re so good! I hope you love the crumble recipe πŸ™‚

  1. That crumble topping would be good on everything.. Love the strawberries soaking in maple syrup and vanilla bean.. amazing Nicole!

  2. It’s so sweet that your Easter dinner was saved! That menu sounds incredible – especially this pretty pie. Love how nutty and wholesome it is!

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