Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles

Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

It’s #popsicleweek, are you excited?!? If not, I’m pretty sure I’m excited enough for the both of us. This is the 4th year that Billy has gathered a bunch of bloggers to create magical frozen treats. Get your popsicle mold ready because you’re going to be craving pops like crazy after the week is through. My early favorite pops are these Cherry Vanilla Pie Pops made with a mochi crust!!

I always make vegan pops, I don’t know why. Is there a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me? These pops are inspired by the coffee sea salt caramel ice cream I love at Blank Slate Creamery in Ann Arbor. It’s sooo good and totally not veegz. With help from some creamy coconut milk, these taste like my favorite treat. Or like a really good iced caramel latte. Coffee freckles settle into the bottom of the coffee layer and I just love it.

Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

Marc doesn’t like cold things on his teeth, so let’s hope this babe loves popsicles because I can’t keep eating them all by myself. Or can I? And below is a picture of the pops right out of the freezer because it was 90 degrees and some were sadly sacrificed to the blog gods.

Make sure to check out the rest of the pops for #popsicleweek!

Vegan Sea Salt Caramel Coffee Popsicles // @nicoledula #popsicleweek

I use this Progressive Popsicle Mold and love it. It’s an Amazon affiliate link that won’t cost you any more money, but I’ll get a little kickback if you use the link and that helps me run this little blog. Thanks for supporting Dula Notes!

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  1. THESE ARE MY EVERYTHING, especially since going off (and then on, and then off, and now kinda back on, but still kinda off) dairy while nursing. I miss me some good caramel flave. Can’t wait to make ’em!

  2. There definitely needs to be a Buzzfeed quiz to answer the question, “Why do you make vegan pops?” These sound delicious. I hope you are feeling well, friend! xo

  3. Hello,
    I know this is an old post but I really want to try this recipe.
    I am not sure if I am getting this right, did you pour freshly ground coffee directly in the mixture?
    Sorry it isn’t clear to me

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