Vegan Thai Peanut Popsicles

Vegan Thai Peanut Popsicles Recipe // Dula Notes

It’s Popsicle Week! If you didn’t catch last year’s Popsicle Week, Billy dared to dream the dream and brought 26 bloggers together to make delicious frozen pops. This year has grown to 37 bloggers and that means 37 popsicle recipes for your summer! It’s warm in Michigan and quadruple testing this recipe was the best kind of summer research. I have a big freezer bag full of these and it makes me happy. Four batches means 40 popsicles and even though I’ve eaten so many, I still love them. And excellent news, each version was Taystee.

Everyone loves thai peanut sauce, right? While I was brainstorming popsicle ideas I realized it would make a perfect sweet and creamy popsicle. The coconut milk and peanut butter give these a dreamy consistency without any dairy and I added a touch of lime and cilantro for another subtle layer of flavor, but it takes these guys to the next level. I used coconut sugar to sweeten them and it worked perfectly, but you can sub in turbinado or regular sugar. I also added some chopped peanuts that I think are a nice surprise as you bite into them. They’re vegan and just waiting to be your summer popsicle.

Vegan Thai Peanut Popsicles Recipe // Dula Notes

In short, make these! Don’t forget to check out the 36 other amazing popsicles you can make. Thanks to Billy: popsicle king, summer-improver, Real Housewives gif lover and bff to all food bloggers for dreaming up popsicle week.

I use this Progressive Popsicle Mold and love it. It’s an Amazon affiliate link that won’t cost you any more money, but I’ll get a little kickback if you use the link and that helps me run this little blog. Thanks for supporting Dula Notes!

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  1. These are blowing my mind right now. BLOWING MY MIND! I need these beyond words — if I ever get a popsicle mold this might be first on my list… until then, I’ll just start dreaming about an ice cream version. Love these so much, Nicole!

    • I’m so glad you’re lovin’ these, Cynthia! And they are so easy, too. Mmmm…ice cream version 🙂

  2. Yes yes yes! I LOVE the idea of turning one of my favourite savoury flavours into dessert. I mean, why have one course when you can have two??

    • Thanks, Sues! Thai peanut sauce is soooo good and dare I say, it’s even better in popsicle form 🙂

  3. WUT?! these are amazing. damn and they even have cilantro in them! i looooooove that they’re sweetened with coconut sugar. yum. my fiancee is a peanut butter fiend but a popsicle hater. i bet these would turn him/

    • I’ve been using a lot of coconut sugar lately and I love it! These are perfect for a peanut butter fiend! My husband doesn’t like popsicles, either, and it’s just not right 😉 He doesn’t like biting into cold things, meh.

  4. These brilliant!! I unintentionally timed making popsicles with #popsicleweek this week and I didn’t even know it was happening. What a fun group. x

  5. mmm nicole! these sound absolutely delicous! they make me a little sad though cause my husband is allergic to peanuts…which means i’ll never get to taste these delicious pops. i can dream about them though… 😀

  6. Gurrrrl! These are the popsicles that I’ve always wanted, yet never knew I wanted until now. I am a peanut sauce hound. In short, I’d like to put that in my mouth immediately. Also, I’m super happy to have found your sweet blog through this #popsicleweek extravaganza! *high fives* xo

    • Thanks, Gina! #Popsicleweek is the best and I can’t wait to check out your blog and pops, too!

  7. Seriously, Nicole. You are a popsicle GENIUS. These are getting made tomorrow evening and I am beyond excited! I am especially intrigued by the cilantro addition. And thanks for the tip about the soaked popsicle sticks… the pops I made last week totally had wonky sticks and I wasn’t sure why! 🙂

    Also: major bonus points for use of the Taystee GIF.

    • I hope you love them, Katherine! The cilantro is subtle, but combined with the lime, it makes the pops more interesting than if they were just peanut butter. Taystee gifs forever 😉

  8. Did you use sweetened or unsweetened coconut milk? I bought the unsweetened but before I blend away I thought I’d check. They sound fabulous BTW.

      • I made these today and they are awesome! I’ve eaten two already. The cilantro measurement is missing a word (cup?) so I just kept adding and tasting until it tasted good to me. These will definitely be made again. Thanks for the great recipe.

        • Thanks for letting me know about the missing word, Elizabeth! Sorry about that! I’m so happy you loved them. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

          • Tonight is the 4th time I’ve made this recipe since Popsicle Week. I’ve taken them to work, given them to friends and everyone agrees – they are the bomb. I’ve shred this recipe link a bunch of time. Good job.

          • Yay, Elizabeth! I’m so glad you love them! Bonus points for bringing frozen treats to work 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

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