Vegetarian Taco Pasta Salad

Vegetarian Taco Pasta Salad Recipe // @nicoledula

First of all, hey! Vacation is way over and I’m back at it. Back at it plus Marc and I started kickboxing! A new studio opened up near our house and this morning we had our third class, at 5:45 am (big eyes emoji). It’s going really well. I love how I feel after class and I’m learning so much. Hopefully we can keep this going!

Maybe I was still high on endorphins from last Saturday’s class, but it was the most beautiful day! It was sunny, warm and perfect for the barbecue we had planned. We invited Marc’s cousin, Chris, and his lovely new wife, Nicole, over. Chris is notoriously a vegetable-hater and I really wanted to make something he’d like. Something we’d all like! The summer weather and finding fresh organic corn at the market inspired me to keep it alive a weekend longer. After a few days of thinking it over, the menu was set. Buttered radish tartines to start, bourbon cider cocktails, salad greens with homemade ranch dressing (recipe coming soon!), steaks on the grill and this taco pasta salad.

While making this pasta salad, I found the flavor a little blah and panicked. I spent some time tweaking the recipe and eventually felt a little better about things. Then Chris and Nicole came over and raved about it. They were so fun to have over and not just because they liked my pasta salad. They also brought decadent fudge brownies for dessert! Ok, not just because they brought delicious brownies, either.

Now I can tell you that four people loved this pasta salad. Maybe you can still find some corn and cherry tomatoes at the market, but if not, thawed and drained frozen corn will sub in just fine for fresh. But definitely give it a try!

And if you didn’t see on Instagram and Facebook, I have a new side gig where I’ll be sharing recipes over at the lovely lifestyle blog Coco + Kelley! I’m really excited about it! I’d love it if you’d visit me over there!

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  1. I have a bowl with the same pattern! and congrats on the side gig, I’m excited to see more of what you create over there. Kickboxing sounds pretty cool, too! So many exciting things!

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