Wild Mushroom Couscous

Saturday was sunny, but chilly and the last day for my local farmers market. I fortunately live near nice grocery stores, but it’s hard to replicate the selection of fresh produce from the hands that cared for it. I bought the most beautiful wild mushrooms from a farmer in overalls with a long, white beard. He joked with us while we found everything we needed and more at his stand. He gave us a mini blackberry pie to enjoy for our patronage.

I wanted to make something that celebrated the flavor of these gorgeous mushrooms. At first, I thought of risotto, but I didn’t have arborio rice on-hand. Instead, I used whole wheat couscous and finished the dish with the last of the thyme and chives from my garden. Serve this with a big green salad for a vegetarian main or add a generous scoop next to your favorite protein.

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    • Jess – The last day of the farmers market makes me sad, too. He was such a nice guy! Thank you!

      Sues – Thanks! Yes, the lunch leftovers were delicious, too!

  1. The last farmers market of the season always makes me so sad. I really miss the freshly harvested ingredients during winter. How sweet that the farmer gave you a little pie! Your mushroom couscous seems like a fitting tribute to the end of a season.

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